The Honeymooners’ Bed by Peter Hackett, 1735 x 1240mm, Oil on Canvas, $14,000


One of the country’s most beloved and leading galleries for New Zealand art, Parnell Gallery will celebrate an exceptional 40 years in business this October, a significant milestone that will make it one of Parnell’s longest standing businesses.


An innovator and lynchpin of the New Zealand art scene, Sally Souness founded what was originally called The Hang Up Gallery in 1976, at the age of just 23, and has spent the past four decades making exceptional New Zealand art available to dedicated art lovers and newcomers alike.


In 1996 Souness rebranded to become known as Parnell Gallery, and began dealing solely in New Zealand art. From this time the gallery began a regular and varied exhibition schedule featuring works ranging from paintings to limited edition prints and bronze sculpture.


In 2011 Parnell Gallery became a bona fide family business with Souness’s daughter Anna Silcock joining her at the gallery after six years living and working in London. The mother and daughter team now curate Parnell Gallery’s regular schedule of monthly exhibitions held in their upstairs gallery and the ever changing selection on display in the street level gallery.


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Parnell Gallery’s highly successful annual Christmas Exhibition which has been running for six years, features small format unframed works of 200 x 200mm or 300 x 300mm, and is well known as the ultimate art exhibition for first-time art buyers and collectors alike.


The 2015 edition of the sell out exhibition will be held on Saturday November 28 and will see early morning queues lining up for a chance get their hands on the unique and affordable works from both emerging and established artists.


Throughout its 40 year history, Parnell Gallery has become a benchmark for quality and integrity in the New Zealand art scene. Renowned for innovation, excellence and an impressive stable of New Zealand artists, the next four decades for Parnell Gallery are looking just as bright as the last four have been.


Sally and Anna
Sally and Anna