Let’s Eat Out at the Langham

Renowned for their gastronomy, acclaimed wines and home of some of the best hotel dining in town, The Langham is up for a bit of fun as it kicks up its heels for the inaugural Taste of Bavaria.


Not an inch of bench space is vacant, no burner is left unlit and no gas knob is unturned in this classy but casual culinary event. There are cooks in every kitchen each staking out their own territory and guarding their work stations as if their life depended on it.


Revolving around Eight Restaurant the Bavarian Food and Beer Festival is the brainchild of long-time celebrity chef Volker Marecek. Incorporated as an annual event each September the festival gives diners a chance to sample some interesting and imaginative Bavarian cuisine.


Not even the most profound critic could detail the balance and ingredients that makes for such an impressive choice of dishes. Starters hard to resist include sausage salad with emmentaler cheese, German potato salad, raw and cooked ham, and pickles. Mains take in Bavarian-style roast chicken, pork goulash and cabbage, spaetzli egg noodles with cheese and onion, Bavarian sauerbraten, pork knuckles, escalore Vienna-style, Bavarian veal sausages and mustard all washed down with a handle of Erdinger beer.


And there’s the same brilliant play of flavours and stunning presentation in the desserts. These comprise of Bavarian cream with strawberries, black forest gateau, kaiseromarrn with apple sauce, apple strudel with vanilla sauce and linzer tart.


And the verdict? The setting, the creation of mood and the adventurous food is a real highlight. As you would expect service is pleasant and efficient. The food has wide appeal so would be participants are advised to book early for next year.

Words: Dennis & Rosamund Knill


The Langham (Licensed) | 83 Symonds St, Auckland | 09 379 5132 | langhamhotels.com