Lexus Partners With Influencer Beck Wadworth

Beck Wadworth knows what it means to lead a life designed more than most. The 29-year-old founder of lifestyle brand and blog, An Organised Life, knows it’s crafting a vision of uncompromising style and purpose, embodied through every decision.


As an entrepreneur and influencer, Wadworth has been gaining traction and an ever-increasing following amongst ambitious and style-savvy up-and-comers with her fashionable and distinctive style. With a brand focused on making productivity fashionable, she bridges the traditional model of business, fuelled by the power of strong social media presence.



The New Zealand-born entrepreneur founded her luxury stationery brand out of her Sydney home while working full-time in the fashion industry. In 2017, after experiencing a steady demand and a growing social media following, she began focusing full-time on her brand, and relocated back to New Zealand. Her goal is to facilitate busy lives through planning and time management, with a highly-considered and refined style.


And a recent feather in her cap is her appointment as a Lexus brand ambassador. “The core values of my brand are focussed around function and style, with a meticulous attention to detail. Lexus shares these same values, and you can see it embodied in the beautifully crafted and exceptionally engineered Lexus UX,” says Wadworth.


The Lexus UX – the car Wadworth drives herself – was just released this year to reflect a younger side of the Lexus brand.  A vehicle for those with designs on life and business, and want a vehicle that reflects their burgeoning success.



To celebrate the arrival of the all-new UX, Wadworth has released a bespoke stationery accessory to be included in all future UX sales. A tribute to the modern urban explorer, it’s a luxe, acid-free paper, road journal, bound in leather with gold leaf detail. Designed to complement the urban lifestyle of those seeking a fresh and contemporary expression of ambition and style.


“When I think about a life designed I think about a young, urban professional, leading a busy and hectic life that’s always on the go. The UX-inspired road journal reflects that.”


Beck Wadworth drives the UX 200 F-Sport in Graphite Black with leather interior. Expressively styled inside and out, every element of the first-ever Lexus compact crossover is an embodiment of the city itself. Delivering a refreshing take on crossover styling, the UX features aerodynamic taillamps that blend 120 LEDs into one continuous line that tapers to a mere three millimetres in the centre. While inside, merging traditional Japanese aesthetics with contemporary luxury, washi (traditional Japanese rice paper) inspired leather trim is uniquely crafted throughout the cabin to add distinctive texture and style to the dash.


The UX reflects a young, motivated segment who have ambitious designs in life and business. They want a vehicle that reflects their burgeoning success. As one of the newest ambassadors of our brand, Beck understands what it means to lead ‘a life designed’ more than most. It’s crafting a vision of uncompromising style and purpose, embodied through every decision.


– Paul Carroll, senior general manager of Lexus New Zealand