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Linda Rodin by Rebecca Pollak


Verve catches up with perfume, beauty and style icon, Linda Rodin.



Where are you originally from?

I’m from a small town on the northern shore of Long Island, New York. It’s name is Roslyn and it’s about a 40-minute drive to Manhattan.


Tell us about your early childhood, aspirations and dreams.

I had a quiet yet lovely childhood. I grew up with an older sister and younger brother. We were an artistic gang. I don’t remember having dreams and future aspirations. In those days we really did live in the moment.


How did you become noticed?

Well, I think it happened when people discovered and loved my skincare products. And the fact that I was almost 60-years-old and starting an accidental new career didn’t hurt.


Photo: Kenneth Willardt


Favourite career moments.

I worked with Bob Dylan, Muhammad Ali and Cher, along with many many other fantastic people in all aspects of fashion and beauty.


People that have inspired you.

My mother, father, sister, aunt and grandmother. Sadly all of them have left us.


Favourite things about living in New York.

The fact that I have been here since I was 17 and know it like the back of my hand. It is familiar and comfortable and my home. The New York I know is quickly and sadly disappearing, however.



Your thoughts and philosophy on fashion.

I always believe that if I feel comfortable in my clothing choices, I look good and feel confident. For me it’s a simple look. Not lots of drills or attention grabbing things.


Do you buy from any particular designer or just buy what you see and love?

I buy what I love. Always. I’ve been wearing denim since I was five and am still collecting vintage 501 Levi’s. I also love Ellery, which I discovered while in Australia last summer. I adore everything she does and buy things from photos now, and have the gorgeous pieces shipped to me.


How would you describe your own personal style?

I would like to think that I’m elegant and classic. And spare. But with a twist.


You are an inspiration and also very beautiful — can you give our readers some tips on aging gracefully?

Thank you very much. I am not sure if aging can ever be graceful, but I’ve taken the natural route. I cannot imagine altering my face surgically to chase my youth. I miss looking young — and wrinkle-free. But it can’t be avoided in any way that appeals to me. I am just trying to adapt to the reality of getting older with some dignity.


Photo: Ari Seth Cohen