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Love Your Pearly Whites | The Tooth Company

The Tooth Company features three (soon to be four) stylish premises and a down-to-earth team of dental professionals. We caught up with Dr James Stone, one of the company’s dentists.


What Is The Tooth Company?

We are a dental practice with two clinics and a specialist orthodontic centre. We’re also opening in Mission Bay soon.

Our Smales Farm practice is open 363 days per year, seven days per week from 8am to 9pm. We only close on Christmas and New Years Day. Our new clinic, at Eastridge Shopping Centre will be the same.


Do you have a speciality?

We’re pretty much a one-stop shop. We have seven dentists and we all have slightly different special interests so if someone needs a particular treatment and one of our colleagues is really good at the technique we’ll ensure they see them.

We also have an oral surgeon and an orthodontic specialist along with state of the art equipment. This means we can take care of wisdom teeth, implants and crowns on site.


What is The Tooth Company’s philosophy?

Making dentistry feel less like dentistry. We try to create beautiful practices with nice people as dentists. Service is very important to us, as is accessibility. People like to come to a place where they feel comfortable.


What advice would you give for looking after our teeth?

Regular checks, regular cleans, and regular x-rays. Most of the time you aren’t aware there’s something wrong with your teeth until it’s serious. These habits are preventative which translates to cost savings.

At home, I recommend flossing, using fluoride toothpaste and electric toothbrushes. A water flosser is also a very good tool.

Fluoride is important. Some people are using natural toothpaste, which doesn’t contain fluoride. It’s a personal choice but will increase the risk of dental decay. We like to support these patients by seeing them more frequently for check ups and hygiene appointments.


Is it advisable to have amalgam fillings removed?

Only if you need it, and the only way you can find this out is by having a check up. Amalgam fillings can get cracked and decay underneath. Another reason to replace them is if you don’t like the look. Ceramic fillings are beautiful. The mercury levels debate is controversial. Research tells us amalgam fillings do not cause health problems in humans. In countries where amalgam fillings are banned, it’s for environmental reasons.


Many folk are intimidated by visiting the dentist. Should they be?

It depends where they go. With us, I’d say no. On the nervousness side, we have varying levels of sedation. I did a check up in a car once because the patient was too nervous to come in!

We’re all about service. That’s what makes us unique. We’re also non-judgmental. Anything you need done we’ve seen 100 times before. If there’s a problem with your teeth we’ll fix it. We’re not going to say “you should have done this” with a pointed finger. We’re simply here to help.


Many folk put off visiting the dentist due to cost. What would you say to that?

Dentistry is a long-term investment. Done well, it lasts a very long time. When you look at the cost per year or per day, even the most expensive treatment is very affordable. Always remember—the sooner you come in the less expensive it will be.

We can also spread out treatments based on priority. You can have them done at three months, six months or in a year or so. Whatever fits in with you.


You offer cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. This type of dentistry is expensive, isn’t it?

We are seeing more and more people seeking cosmetic dentistry. With the rise of social media, it seems appearance is more important than ever, and people want to look good in their photos. Again, the up front cost is high but the cost per year is relatively low. Six veneers for front teeth will cost about $10,000. They should last for 20 years, which works out to $500 per year—less than you might spend on coffee!


Where can we find you?

The Tooth Company is located at 54 Customs St East in Britomart, 09 379 0099 and Smales Farm in Takapuna 78-94 Taharoto Road, 09 410 9971. Our new Mission Bay clinic at Eastridge Shopping Centre will be opening in August 2018.

Come and see us and we’ll hopefully surprise you because we like to think we do things differently.

Britomart: Dentists | 54 Customs St East, Britomart / 09 379 0099
Smales Farm: Dentists | 74 Taharoto Rd, GF Sovereign House (The Avenue), Takapuna  / 09 410 9971
Smales Farm: Specialist Orthodontics | Shop 8a, 78-94 Taharoto Rd, Q4 building, Smales farm / 09 969 4993