Lyzadie Design Studio

Lyzadie Renault hails from the verdant island nation of New Caledonia, born to a French father and Melanesian mother. Having one foot in the Pacific and the other in Europe shaped her upbringing until she came to New Zealand at a very young age. It’s the landscape and culture of New Zealand that has inspired her to start a new design studio that is already turning heads.


Trained as an architect first in New Zealand and then at the prestigious Architectural Association in England, Lyzadie counts Zaha Hadid as one of her influences. It’s not hard to see why. The flowing lines and echoes of nature that appear in Lyzadie’s work are testament to her commitment to craftsmanship. And in the patterns and lines of her Design Studio pieces, a true passion for celebrating the country she calls home is immediately obvious. Braided rivers, twisted trees, brilliant flora, vibrant song are her inspiration, her love for her adopted country clear with even the most cursory of glances.



She’s also passionate about sustainability. Making sure all the materials are sourced locally, and in some cases, are rescued, recycled or reused, is at the heart of her philosophy in order for her work to rest lightly on the planet. Working with local craftspeople is also essential to her practice. Moreover, finding and collaborating with makers who are as passionate about their craft as she is about design has been a real joy. Seeing a product that has only existed in her mind coming to life is, she says, one of life’s most tangible pleasures.


At the heart of her new design work, she says, she wants to make people feel. Feel alive, feel impassioned, feel the heart of the materials on display, feel the dedication to excellence in each piece. Because this work is all about passion. It’s all about a passion for design, and for telling a story about her connection to New Zealand.