Make your body aware



With eight locations across Auckland and 13 years under their belt, Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy combines both disciplines in a perfect symbiosis to deliver a service like no other clinic. By being fully ACC credited and employing qualified physios that have completed more than 300 hours of training in their in-house pilates programme, Peak ensures that it offers a passionate and knowledgeable team who are well-versed in a wide range of physical therapies. Arielle Griffin and Hannah Sutherland are based at the Newmarket branch and both work as physios and pilates instructors in equal measure, their specially tailored programmes utilising pilates equipment for a unique and  effective method of exercise rehab. Hannah and Arielle want to let everyone know that Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy can benefit everyone, and they would love to see people from all walks of life joining their classes. 


What was your biggest motivation for joining Peak Pilates?

Hannah: I really like their take on exercise rehab for physiotherapy because it’s a fun and effective double therapy; targeting a desired muscle group and also being guided by a physio. It’s great to see clients doing something new and really benefitting from the challenge.

Arielle: Not only the state-of-the-art equipment and the resources, but also the space and the environment to train in. Working with pilates equipment is a fun and motivational way to set clients reachable goals in their fitness.


What sets Peak Pilates apart from other pilates studios? 

Hannah: It’s that extra bit of instructor knowledge which comes from a background in physiotherapy; we offer personally tailored exercises specifically for the strength and correction of the individual client.

Arielle: Having a maximum of eight people to a class — this ensures personal supervised attention and progress. It’s about exercise, flexibility and stretching, as well as building core strength and stability.


What are Peak Pilates’ goals?

Hannah: To help people realise how important it is to be flexible and strong, at Peak we work on strengthening while you stretch. Because you’re doing recovery as you are working out you’re able to do it daily. And we do get people doing it day after day!

Arielle: The aim is to integrate it into everyone’s life; to get rid of the stigma that it’s only for middle-aged women. By incorporating pilates in our physiotherapy, it’s a great rehab exercise for people of all genders, ages and abilities.


What benefit has Peak Pilates had on your life?

Hannah: Massive! Nine months ago I could barely, embarrassingly, touch my toes! After doing pilates I understand my own body and I want to share that feeling of happiness and satisfaction with everyone.

Arielle: Increased body awareness and flexibility.  As a runner,  Peak has helped me develop increased muscle tone and also prevent over-use and injury. It’s great in conjunction with any sport: running, swimming, cycling, and even rugby players can benefit.


Anything to add?

Hannah: We want to help you to get awareness of your body again. It’s perfect timing with summer around the corner to get that long, lean muscle. It’s all about muscle endurance instead of muscle mass.

Arielle: Feeling any lower back pain from sitting in an office for hours? We can fix that!


Pictured: L-R: Arielle Griffin and Hannah Sutherland

1st Floor, 38 Broadway, Newmarket | peakpilatesgroup.co.nz | 09 522 8221 | newmarket@peakpilates.co.nz