Make every Workout count

Luci Harrison understands the modern-day pressures of juggling fitness and a busy lifestyle. She grew up on a farm in Clevedon and from a young age quickly became skilled at multi-tasking which today is reflected in her multi-disciplinary approach to life.


Luci has been a professional photographer for many years, winning numerous international awards and travelling the globe photographing weddings and portraits. She is also a successful pilates teacher and personal fitness instructor running pilates and personal training sessions from her home studio in Parnell; she is certified in facial fitness and a nutritionist as well. The Brighton Road studio is an oasis in the city, surrounded by bush and visited by native birds. To add another string to her bow, Luci operates the property as a deluxe Bed and Breakfast — Dove Cottage.


After severely injuring her back as a teenager, Luci turned to holistic healing and pilates and loved it so much that she trained to become a certified pilates instructor. Incorporating a motivational, holistic approach into her fitness training, Luci helps to create balance in her clients’ lives and achieve their fitness goals. She believes by keeping our bodies healthy, strong and flexible, we are better able to turn our energy toward living a life we have dreamed of having.


This body is the only one we have, so we must treat it with great love and respect. “A healthy body should be strong, flexible, resilient, pain-free, resistant to disease and fun to live, work, and play in,” she says.


Luci runs a pilates mat class for St James Church Hall, Orakei on Monday nights at 7.30pm. Pilates classes or reformer and private training sessions, nutritional and weight loss advice are available from her Brighton Road Studio.


Whatever your fitness goals — weight loss, strength gain, athletic performance, stress relief — or if you just need to stay motivated, Luci will work with you to achieve your goals and get results. The benefits of pilates range from a flatter stomach, slimmer thighs and toned arms, to increased bone density, stronger muscles and better breathing.


“Luci’s great success as a trainer can be attributed to her compassion, generosity and her dedication to her clients. By working together and making little goals every week, we have been able to build up my strength in a way I never thought possible.” — Rachel Allan.


Luci Harrison
021 933 268 | luci@luci.co.nz
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