“Make the worst day of your life into the best day of your life!”

These are not the words of a glass half-full woman, these come from a ‘spilling over the brim, grab life by the throat, I’m going to make the absolute most of every single day’ kind of person.


This person is Tanya Unkovich — business mentor, facilitator, published author and speaker — talking to me from her home in Parnell, just down the road from her office opposite the Domain. An hour with Tanya, and I came away feeling really quite uplifted. She is smart, professional and, above all, a warm and obviously caring person.


Tanya has experienced much in life, including being widowed at 40. However, she made the decision to not let this event break her, but to make meaning of it, to create a new purpose and be an example to others.


“No problem is so bad that you can’t handle it”


Not surprisingly, Tanya is huge on resilience. “Resilience is to believe no problem is so bad you can’t handle it. It’s about having a positive outlook and believing in yourself and translating that into both your personal and professional life.” Tanya has done just that, and in spades.


After qualifying as a chartered accountant and operating her own business, Tanya completed a Diploma in Counselling then added life coaching to the mix. Consequently, Tanya has a pretty special set of skills that she applies to every aspect of her professional and, I suspect, personal life. Today we are talking about her role as a speaker and facilitator of healthy workplace environments.


“Eighty per cent of business is psychology and twenty per cent is the mechanics and skills of the business owner,” says Tanya. “We work on the eighty per cent.”


To that work she brings not only years of coaching, business mentoring and life experience but also the know-how of being a business owner herself.


Tanya has worked in both corporate business and with hundreds of small business owners in the past 30 years.


“Workplace wellness reduces workplace sickness.”


In a corporate setting, management engage her services to assist in increasing production through improving staff morale. “My job is to look at the team and where necessary, put in place the mechanisms to ensure they work well together and everyone is operating to their highest potential.”


Tanya Unkovich1Tanya believes success in the workplace — and increasing production — depends a lot on the self-esteem and level of happiness of the players.


“So much comes back to knowing our own self-worth, and knowing your vision. If you are happy within yourself (and excited about your life), you will come to work happy, thus contributing to a happier workplace,” she says.


No matter where you are within the corporate structure, Tanya delivers at all levels, whether individual or team.


“It’s about going through a process. We explore lifestyle, relationships, time management and in many cases, fears and limiting beliefs.”


Once the fear or a limiting belief is identified and removed, extraordinary shifts happen within the individual, the team, and ultimately the organisation. “And,” she says, “change can happen very quickly when you are ready.”


Tanya has observed that people want more when they have tasted their true potential. This is when the momentum of long lasting change begins.


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn


Tanya believes accountability is a great way to maintain a higher standard, either individually or within a team.


She has learned to develop her own discipline muscle and likes to surround herself with like-minded, positive and driven people.


Tanya says, “one of my favourite quotes by Jim Rohn is, ‘You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.’”


“The best way to teach or lead is by example.”


Tanya is passionate about health and wellness and coaches many clients on this topic.


“It is important that I am both physically and emotionally fit, which means having a routine and planning my day. I have learned that if I don’t plan then I will end up fitting into everyone else’s schedule.”


“Getting back to basics with my clients about wellness is often a common starting point in our work together.”


“I like the metaphor that you cannot build a skyscraper without deep and solid foundations. The best way for me to teach or lead is to be an example.”


“It is never too late to make changes in your life or change direction.”


Tanya is an attentive listener — she is a trained therapist after all — but she’s also an inspiring speaker. Most recently she spoke at the Rotorua Toastmasters’ 50th Anniversary Gala.


Tanya Unkovich 2

She has also spoken extensively in the corporate and motivational sectors. Her topics are wide and varied, and have titles such as Resilience; Finding Happiness; Developing Your Discipline Muscle and Creating A Happier Workplace Environment.


If you want to be inspired, motivated or educated, either on a professional platform or within a more casual forum, Tanya will deliver.


“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.”


“My greatest teacher has been life itself. These experiences are what have enabled me to provide such a varied range of services to my clients.”


“To be able to shift an individual or organisation from where they are now to where they want to be is what drives me.”


“There is a saying, ‘be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody’. There is so much truth to live by in that statement, and knowing that I am that ‘somebody’, makes my life experiences worth it.”


Words: Suzy Fraser



‘Tanya came into our practice and performed an overview of our systems.
We also required business mentoring during the restructuring of our medical practice and we found her approach was both professional and highly efficient.
Tanya has always made herself available to us when we felt we needed ongoing support or training, which as a result has made us feel valued as her client.’
– Dr Allan K.Phillips D.O. MICAK (USA) MCrOA (ENG) — Director, NEUROLINK SEMINARS –



Tanya Unkovich
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