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Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy has long had a reputation within Auckland as one of the most expert studios around, something that Verve editor Fran tested out by attending classes at Peak in order to improve her fitness level. She recounts her experience, and why she recommends Peak to others who are looking to challenge themselves and see real progress.


“My stomach is definitely more toned and the sore back I get from time to time has all but disappeared.”


Although she walks and has a regular yoga practice, Fran felt that she needed to do something more for her core strength, and was looking for something low-impact with minimal joint stress: “I decided on pilates as from what I have read about it, it seemed to fit the bill.”


The key aspect that makes Peak stand out over other studios is that it puts all of its new clients through an introductory programme that includes an initial one-on-one class which goes through the basics of the discipline and helps to plan out what you want to get out of the classes. The central idea to this philosophy is that all clients are well-prepared for the mat and reformer classes and how to properly engage with the discipline. Some of the things Fran enjoyed the most about Peak’s approach was “their patience, professionalism, and almost academic approach to me and my body’s needs, and the fact that they took my goals and limitations seriously. I enjoyed several private sessions with Hannah and Arielle (at Newmarket) and learnt so much about my body, including how to isolate specific muscles and muscle groups. By the time I started group classes, I sort of knew what to expect”.


Combining this approach with top-of-the-range equipment and small class sizes, the Peak result is worlds apart from the 30 people to one instructor that is common in many gyms around New Zealand.


For Fran, the benefits were noticeable almost from the beginning: “My stomach is definitely more toned and the sore back I get from time to time has all but disappeared.” She highly recommends Peak to anyone who is looking to strengthen their core, and improve their flexibility. By attending just two pilates classes per week, you will without a doubt notice benefits within the first month. Whether male or female – and no matter your age, a regular pilates practice will make your abs stronger, give you better muscular endurance, while helping you to focus, breathe better, and move with more grace and flexibility.


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