Philippa Emery, Impressions - 1, 2016.

Malcolm Smith Gallery | Opening 11 June 2016

Architects imagine compelling futures and enjoy a particularly social role. It may even be said that theirs is an intrinsically social art form. Malcolm Smith envisaged a centre for his hometown that would be a beacon for the art and ideas of its day.


Named after the late local architect, community stalwart, and founding member of UXBRIDGE Arts and Culture, we are delighted to announce that the Malcolm Smith Gallery will be opening Saturday 11 June this year.


With a nod to its namesake, the gallery reopens with Soft Architecture, an exhibition of artworks comprising of architectural references. Soft Architecture focuses not on architects or buildings, but rather concerns art under the curfew of architecture, of this gallery’s architecture in particular. Some artworks are explicitly architectural, while others are speculative and performative; some play with the spatio-temporal qualities of the building, while others explore the building’s social mission.


Malcolm Smith Gallery is intended as east Auckland’s foremost public gallery for contemporary art. It will be part of a creative cluster of operations at UXBRIDGE, which also includes a theatre for live performances and cinema, and numerous studios for courses in painting, pottery, jewellery, and more. Harnessing a belief in the transformative power of art, and through a range of contemporary art exhibitions which inspire and challenge its audiences, the gallery will strive to encourage dialogue, foster creativity, and explore meaningful new ideas with insight, imagination, and intelligence.


The UXBRIDGE redevelopment is a major project for Auckland Council’s Howick Local Board and its community. Having commenced 8 June 2015, the gallery will open alongside new studios as part of the first stage in the redevelopment, with the theatre scheduled to re-open in October this year.


If you would like to add your name to a long list of remarkable individuals and patrons associated with Malcolm Smith Gallery, contact exhibitions@uxbridge.org.nz