Meet Sister Act: Sid+Jac

Actually, to be more accurate, let us introduce Jacqueline (right) and Tanya (left) Smith. They named their company Sid+Jac after their inspiring grandfathers, the late Sidney and Jack.



The sisters founded Sid+Jac in 2015 and since then their topically applied, all-natural magnesium products have been causing a stir with those in the know.


The idea began germinating when Tanya was playing professional basketball. “My body was depleted of  minerals which meant my nervous system was going crazy. I went to the doctor who wanted to prescribe antidepressants, but I said ‘No’,” says Tanya. “I wanted a natural solution, so she suggested I try magnesium.”



Tanya began taking magnesium orally and started feeling better. When researching the macro-mineral further she discovered it’s a nutrient the body needs in large amounts and is a co-factor in more than 300 of our body’s enzyme systems such as energy production, protein, muscle and nerve function, and the regulation of our blood glucose and blood pressure.


“I’m sporty too — I played a lot of different sports, basketball, surf boat rowing, plus I danced and I initially used magnesium for weight management and to detox,” says Jacqueline. “Back then I used a generic brand from the supermarket.”


“We used to live together and when we’d get uptight or stressed we’d always say, ‘You need to go and get into a magnesium bath!” says Tanya. “Our grandmothers always advised us to look to nature saying Mother Nature has many powerful resources that we aren’t using effectively today.”


With this advice in mind, Tanya delved further into her magnesium research and learned that when you take magnesium via the mouth it goes first to the liver and can cause a bit of an upset stomach in some people. “But when it’s used topically it goes straight into the bloodstream and the body absorbs as much as you need,” she says. “When I spoke to Jac about it, a little seed started to sprout.”




Jacqueline and Tanya are born and bred Sydneysiders and hatched their plan while walking together on South Sydney’s Cronulla Beach. “We actually have two other sisters, Brooke and Alexis,” says Jacqueline. “Poor Mum and Dad,” Tanya chimes in. “However, Tanya and I have always been very close, there are two years between us and we have this ESP thing like twins do.”


With like-minds, they went to work. “We sourced the best magnesium and created #CALMYOURSPRAY The Spray and #SALTS,” says Jacqueline. “We trialed it for a year so we know first-hand it’s really, really good. The changes these products can make to your life are significant. You become more even, happier and you sleep better.”


“Now we want to educate people about the benefits of magnesium and it’s our dream to have Sid+Jac in every bathroom in the world,” says Tanya.



A magnesium oil derived from Israel’s Dead Sea with a few drops of essential oil for fragrance. Spray it on:

  • when you’re feeling anxious

  • on your feet before bed

  • on your belly to relieve PMS

  • aches and pains

  • sore muscles


Epsom salts mined from the depths of the earth in Germany. Great as a bath or foot soak for:

  • muscle recovery

  • injury relief

  • cramping

  • inflammation

  • arthritis

  • muscle aches

  • sleep

  • migraines

  • head and back pain


Luckily for Aucklanders, Orakei Village’s People Like Us now stocks the brand.


Words: Jenna Moore