There are only so many hours in a day!


You’re sure you had a scarf that matched that outfit, but you can’t find it! Exhausted at the thought of digging through all those platters to find the right one? Have you forgotten what’s crammed in that cupboard?


We all have areas of our homes that cause us stress, weigh on our minds or simply annoy us, and we have priorities that pull us in so many different directions.


Finding the time and energy to deal with a wardrobe that is stuffed full, a pantry jammed with forgotten products, or the belongings of a departed loved one, is sometimes just too hard.


The sheer magnitude of the job feels overwhelming and deciding what to do with sentimental items just adds to the burden.


Liz The Tidy Lady can help you with any aspect of organising your home, decluttering, reducing your belongings to fit your new lifestyle or simply transforming a space that bothers you.



My name is Liz Bradley, I am a former librarian, so most of my working life has been about keeping things tidy, finding things quickly, and helping people, with kindness and discretion.


Listening is a big part of learning about you. Talking through what YOU need helps me customise my work to suit you. I understand how important your space and your things are to you, so everything I do is focussed on what you want.


I love the process of organising and have helped happy clients with de-cluttering, sorting, pre-staging for open homes, packing & unpacking for moving house, organising home offices and minimising belongings to fit a new lifestyle.


If you could use a helping hand to sort out your home, email Professional Home Organiser: [email protected]

Call or message: 027 630 6650. Click here to learn about The Tidy Lady’s Services.