Modify Your Life

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step in your life”.


Located in Newmarket, Modify You is designed to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals with a strong emphasis on building solid foundations through nutrition coaching, strength training, conditioning and mobility in order to provide people with lasting, long-term results.


Experts in body re-composition and specialists in weight management, Isaac and Nadia are dedicated coaches and qualified personal trainers. Both share a common goal of helping others achieve their goals. Fueled by their own personal experiences, they have a deep understanding of what it takes physically and emotionally to make dramatic changes in order to live a healthier life. “We plan every week to lead into every month over the course of a year to build a more optimal self if required.”


Personal training gives you face-to-face support and real time adjustments to your food consumption and exercise techniques.”We build a plan on all given information to suit you at your current state. We strive to correct any imbalances, poor movement patterns, possible bad habits that you have picked up over the years to provide a solid foundation in order for you to train more efficiently and effectively.”


Not only does Modify You provide support via email, text, phone calls and a community Facebook page — but they also provide an interactive mobile app that’s designed to motivate you to stay on track. With helpful tips, recipes, excercise tutorials, video content and information on daily activities and upcoming events — it’s the all-in-one fitness coach you can keep in your pocket.


Modify You caters to all fitness levels and provides affordable personal training. “Make a pledge, start now and challenge yourself to create habits for your success”.