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The upside of being a quitter


I’ve never labeled myself a quitter. It doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve always been of the mind that if you start something, you finish it. You work hard to make it work. You do your best. Then later do better than your best. You keep going, even when it gets tough, ‘cause that’s what life’s about.

Perhaps with that said, I surprised even myself when I decided to quit my job in June of last year.

I received an opportunity to progress in my sales position, and when I went away to think about it, I had a realisation that would change the course of my life as I knew it.

I realised that not only did I not want the opportunity — I didn’t want to be in that position at all.

It dawned on me that if I ever wanted my dreams to flourish, then they needed room to breathe. They required focus. They deserved energy. I realised it was time to take matters into my own hands.

I now understand that quitting isn’t a bad thing when it makes room for what you do want.

Quitting isn’t a bad thing when you are committed to finding your true purpose.

Quitting isn’t a bad thing when it creates the space to start over, when it gives you the chance to discover just how much you are capable of while navigating the world on your own terms.

I’ve been out of my sales job for six months. In that time, I have received a few exciting contracts and made a few exciting connections. I’ve also watched my savings dwindle and have suffered more than a few disappointments.

But would I go back to my comfortable old job? Never. After all — I quit for a reason.


Challenges for February 2016


Ahh, February, the second month of the year. When typically our resolutions fall by the wayside as the weather cools, the days shorten and Valentines Day looms ever closer (a prime time for chocolate consumption, whatever your Facebook relationship status).

The good news? Resolutions are fluid! They can evolve and adapt as our priorities change. I thought to keep things positive this month, I’d write a list of three extremely achievable tasks for any Hustler feeling a little stuck for inspiration.


  1. Reach out to someone new

Finding fresh motivation can take just a conversation. With LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Instagram, it has never been easier to find people who inspire you. All it takes is a simple message to gain some fresh perspective, a new direction, and possibly a whole new network. Remember, you’re not being a pain – normally people are so flattered you’ve reached out for advice, that they’ll make replying a priority.


  1. Take time to be in the ‘now’

I am the worst relaxer in the history of relaxers. My brain is in constant overdrive. And even if all this thinking seems positive, I’ve learnt that to make sense of it all, I have to prioritise time in order to zone out and clear my mind. If you don’t already, I dare you to try meditatation — even if it’s just for 20 minutes a week — and see if it doesn’t make a world of difference to your productivity.


  1. Compliment a stranger

I love this one. It’s so easy! Genuinely making someone’s day can put you both on a feel-good buzz for the remainder.

So there you have it – three easy challenges to tick off in February! Sometimes, the smallest positive action can snowball into something you never even dreamed of. Happy hustling!


Words: Lucy O’Connor