Morgan makes kitchens perfect

Morgan Cronin has been in the kitchen industry for 33 years. His first kitchen design job was for his mum when he was 19. He went on to establish Cronin Kitchens some 28 years ago and has been designing kitchens ever since. Verve chatted with Morgan a few weeks ago about just about all sorts of things, including the kitchen sink!


Please tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be involved in kitchen design?

I am fortunate to have a supportive wife and three awesome kids. I love surfing and complete regularly which motivates me constantly to keep fit. I travel a lot for work but also to surf. Unfortunately, the only way I maintain any work life balance is by working extremely hard and very long hours.


What do you prefer to create – modern or more traditional kitchens?

I prefer modern because the style and aesthetic is constantly evolving which keeps things interesting.


What inspires your designs?

Firstly, I constantly see details both here and overseas that inspire me — architecture, cafés, restaurants, hotels and shop fit-outs. The highlight though is every second year when I travel to Milan to visit the furniture fair and the incredible showrooms and exhibits around the city. My clients, too, always inspire me; I personalise every kitchen that I design to suit their homes and personal style.


We have seen a trend towards smaller living — do you also design tiny kitchens?

Yes I do. The occasional small apartment or beach house, but most of my kitchens are going into family homes.


Over the past half-century kitchens have changed a lot and continue to change, can you comment?

Kitchens are now the most integral space in the home. Everyday living, dining and entertaining revolve around the kitchen, this is why good kitchen design has become so important.


What do you believe the kitchen should be to a home?

The heart!


Favourite work-tops, surfaces and finishes?

Corian for its simplicity, marble for its beauty and natural quartzite with a leathered finish for a combination of both.


Favourite style of cabinetry?

At the moment I like to use planked oak that has been wire brushed to bring out the grain’s natural beauty, finished either as light and naturally as possible or as black as possible.


Your most memorable kitchen job ever?

I would have to say the one that won me the World’s Best Kitchen Design award back in 2006; or the first kitchen I designed for my mum when I was 19; or the one I flew to by helicopter; or the one that was on its own island. So many memories!


Favourite social media and website for kitchen design.

Instagram and


Best ever kitchen design book?

Detail In Contemporary Kitchen Design by Virginia McLeod 813 6192 |