Working From Home with Morgan Mitchell | Witchery White Shirt Ambassador and Olympian

Verve talks lockdown and beyond with Witchery White Shirt Ambassador, and Olympian, Morgan Mitchell.


Since lockdown began, what has changed for you?

Obviously for starters the Olympics not being held and not having a 2020 track season has changed my schedule greatly. I’ve accepted it for what it is and have moved on. We’re now just trying to get fitter and stronger. My training environment has also changed. I have had to set up a home gym and train on my own on different trails most days. It has been tough, but also a very good learning experience.


Do you see yourself coming out of this with a better idea of changes you would like to make In life?

Yes, for sure. With everything going on I have learnt to be more grateful for the things I do have, and the opportunities I am given. I have realised I spend too much money on unnecessary things, so once this all settles down, hopefully, I can continue a much more simple life!


Any special plans for the coming weekend?

Just training and a Zoom party with my friends. I think an international DJ is hosting a live set, so we are all going to be locked in to that!


How are you handling all this extra time at home?

I am loving it if I’m honest. It’s the first time in eight years that I’m not on a plane heading overseas to escape the Australian winter and to compete in Europe or America. It’s nice being able to spend more time with the family and enjoy the things I would usually miss out on if I were away.



Soundtrack of choice whilst working at home? 

I don’t really have a soundtrack, but I love listening to heavy rap, house or 80s rock. It really depends on my mood.


What’s for breakfast?

The ‘I Am Golden’ bowl from Soulara, a toasted hot cross bun and a green tea.


Where do you like to get your news?

I don’t watch the news. I find it confusing and depressing most of the time!



Walk the dog or downward dog?

Walk the dog every single time!! I love my pets.



Working at home, what’s for lunch? 

Pesto pasta from Soulara, or I will make myself a breakfast burrito (yes, for lunch!) with hash browns, mushrooms, vegan sausage and vegan bacon. I hate cooking but that is my go-to!



Lockdown larder essentials you can’t do without?

Peanut butter, hot cross buns, dark chocolate and Granny Smith apples.



Lockdown culture musts? 

Fresh air, online shopping, 2pm nap, and Money Heist on Netflix. My routine doesn’t really change!


A glass of something – most memorable / old favourite / keeps you sane?

Watermelon, pineapple, apple and mint in a juice. When it’s off-season, I may or may not add a splash of vodka.


Dinner venue you can’t wait to get back to post-lockdown?

Village Cantina in Yarraville, or Nami vegan café with my boyfriend in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m obsessed.



Evening beauty or betterment routine? 

Facial cleanse, serum, oil and moisturiser is a must for me before I go to bed.  Green tea and a shot of apple cider vinegar is something I have also done every night since I was a teenager, don’t ask, my mum just got me into it.


Your look for working at home, what do you like to wear to get into the mood?

My Y-3 trackies (I rotate between the three pairs) and any Adidas hoodie I have in my wardrobe. Socks and slippers always, I hate having cold feet! Comfortable with a touch of fashion, you know?



Least favourite thing about working from home?

Lack of human interaction. It gets pretty lonely!



Anything else you would like to add?

I am incredibly proud to be an ambassador for the 2020 Witchery White Shirt Campaign. Please, buy a White Cotton Shirt from Wednesday 6 May and 100% of the gross proceeds will be donated to the incredible Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) to support vital research endeavours to develop an early detection test for ovarian cancer as readily available and habitual as a pap smear or mammogram.


To learn more about the Witchery White Shirt Campaign please visit witchery.co.nz