Morning Routine With Rukaiya Daud from Fourth Street

We all have our own morning rituals and ways of doing things but do they change somewhat during lockdown? In this edition of Morning Rituals, Rukaiya Daud of Fourth Street gives us an insight into her daily routine.


Do you have any beauty or skincare products that you keep on your bedside table?

Maryse Bio-Boost Antioxidant Serum, Primary Elements CBD capsules, Fourth St essential oil blends (available on Fourth St soon), a natural body oil and a homemade facial mist.


A lot of people cite water as their beauty secret: do you drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up?

A big glass bottle by my bed always.


Do you have any rituals in your morning routine?

I sleep with my curtains and windows open.  I notice my mind is more fresh if I wake up to a fresh air flow and without an alarm. Isolation has made me value being in tune with my circadian rhythm and the different sounds of the day. Birds in the morning, insects at night and watching the sun rise. What I love the most is the silence and solitude of very early morning – before any other footsteps!


If I wake up and my jaw is tight I’ll massage it out. If I’m in the mood I’ll meditate or stretch my bedroom floor. What I do as soon as I wake is intuitive and guided by what I feel I need that morning.



Do you check your phone as soon as you wake up, or do you try to limit the amount of screen time in the morning?

I warm up my morning essential oil blend by rubbing my palms, then take a deep inhale. I’m developing the formula. It’s made with mornings in mind – ginger, frankincense and citrus.


I do check my phone in the morning. Messages from overseas friends and the morning The New York Times daily briefing keep me in the loop. I love my phone as a source of information, inspiration and connectedness but if I notice myself checking it too much I’ll put it on aeroplane mode or in another room.


What does your usual breakfast consist of? Or are you a snack on the go type of person?

I’m not typically hungry in the morning.  I’ll always have coffee then aim to drink lemon water, physillium husks, protein and collagen. My favourite protein is ‘Made of’ by Kirsty Godso, which I’ll have with frozen berries, water some kefir yoghurt.


If I’m out for breakfast it’s simple and always savoury. A breakfast of sides is my go to.

Briefly walk us through how you prep your skin in the morning. Do you wash, moisturise and tone your face? Which products do you use?

I double cleanse at night, but not in the morning. I’ll wipe my face with a wet flannel, then pat Emma Lewisham serum on to my skin. It is super hydrating and leaves my skin plump. I have found I am more comfortable going without make up since I started using it. I make my own toner dependant on what my skin needs at that time.


If I have a spot I’ll dab Aotea Manuka oil on it. Aotea Manuka Oil is natural, made locally on Great Barrier and thirty times more effective than tea tree oil.  I have a lot of time for ingredients recognised by cultures that have intrinsic knowledge of their land and surroundings. The Aotea products draw from Rongoa Maori and are also scientifically tested. The same goes for Ayurveda. I have started scraping my tongue in the morning which removes toxins the body has released overnight.


Primary Elements natural deodorant (sold on Fourth St) has also been a game changer for me. It’s natural, works and has a fresh, uplifting unisex scent. I can’t believe I used Mitchum for so many years.


What are the most important lessons you have learned throughout your skincare journey? Any do’s and don’ts?

The more fussy and complicated I make things the less I tend to do. Buy less but make your selection considered. Use proven ingredients. Massage your face. Support conscious companies.


Do you think it’s important to have a strict skincare regime?

I’ve never had a strict skincare regime so can’t say. I don’t know if I can call it lazy or intuitive, but I just do what feels right at the time. I would love to start treating myself to facials.


Are you a makeup everyday type person? Which makeup products could you not live without?

Concealer under my eyes, lip balm and brow mascara. Mascara used to be in this category, but I’ve been going without lately.

Do you prefer a matte or a dewy finish to your makeup? How do you achieve this?

Dewy, always.


If I have an extra few minutes I’ll give my face a massage. Youtube is great for tips. There are lymphatic drainage techniques also ones to smooth lines.


Concealer under my eyes and Bobbi brown eye mascara are a must. For cover, I like a tinted moisturiser or serum. A product I always see myself coming back to is the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. It’s a highly pigmented pot that really lasts. You can keep it concentrated to use as a concealer or dilute it with moisturiser or oil then build it up coverage for a foundation. For contour I’ve been using Chanel’s Soleil tan de for about ten years.  Lastly, I apply Kevyn Aucoin mascara. It’s genius. Once wet it melts off in ‘tubes’ which means no smudging – especially great in summer and while swimming.


I have recently been getting into Manasi 7 products. They are creamy, multi-functional, wild harvested pots of colour or glow that you can use on your lids, lips or cheeks. If I need something extra I’ll dab a brown or apricot colour on my cheeks and eyes and something nude and hydrating on my lips. Quite often I’ll slick some Paw Paw on my eyelids for shine.


I like owning less and try to choose multi-purpose products when it comes to make up.


Tell us about your hair routine in the morning: what’s your go-to style? Which styling products do you use?

I wash my hair then twist it in to a low bun and let it air dry. I find doing this prevents it from drying fluffy but gives it a nice wave.  I always rinse my hair with very cold water to make it shine. I don’t apply any heat to my hair and will often go out with freshly washed and combed hair.


If I’m wearing my hair out I’ll scrunch some hair oil in to the ends to define the curl.  I love Botaniq Elixir Lux hair oil.  I get hair treatments at M11 Studio when I get my hair cut. They are the best and let me know what my hair or scalp needs at the time.


My Indian grandmothers have taught me about hair oil masks. If my hair is lack lustre I’ll comb almond or coconut oil through my hair, twist it in to a bun then leave it in overnight. Be sure to put a towel on your pillow and shampoo out in the morning. This is a super easy, inexpensive and fuss free trick that leaves your hair strong and shiny.


My top (only) hair styling products are a wide tooth comb, a quality bristle brush, hair oils and sea salt spray. Quite minimal.


If you were to estimate, how long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?

10 to 20 minutes.


You’re about to leave the house, which perfume do you spritz?

Primary Elements Mineral Deoderant, Maison Louis Marie perfume oil or Commes Woodwork.


Lastly, what products are always in your handbag if you’re on-the-go?

Lip balm, concealer, my keep cup, kindle, cash flow card and phone.


Do you have any rituals in your night time routine?

Shower, moisturise, magnesium. I have an alert to read between 9 and 10. I’ll massage my night time essential oil blend in to my temples and my neck and shoulders and often listen to Yoga Nidra. I’ve made a silk weighted sleep mask (available soon on Fourth St) filled with lavender and chamomile that I also wear.


This combination generally floats me straight to a deep slumber. I have an active mind that would stay awake all night if I let it, so winding down is key.


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