Sarah and Diane of Bokah Skin
Sarah and Diane of Bokah Skin

Sarah and Diane of Bokah Skin in Business Together

Bokah Skin was founded out of a passion to create natural organic skincare products by mother-daughter duo, Sarah and Diane. Sarah chats with Verve about the business, Mother’s Day and life in general.


Was there an event or a specific moment that made you realise that you wished to start a natural skin care and beauty company together?

We both have very sensitive skin, and about 10 years ago my mother Diane, who is a beauty therapist, started making lip balms and body butter. Back then, there was little in the way of non-toxic and natural products. Soon enough she was making moisturisers, serums, scrubs, and masks for not only herself but her close friends and family too.


We’re having this conversation at a very specific point in time. How have you both been handling level 3 and social distancing?

It’s been a struggle if I’m honest. I’m a busy home-school mum of two and my normal, very social routine, of multiple activities a day has been thrown out the window. But it has been a good time, to slow down, reconnect and finally launch this little venture we have had on our hearts now for four years.


Bokeh Cream CleanserWhat are some important lessons you have learnt (or challenges faced) since starting up Bokah Skin?

Launching a new business in a worldwide lockdown is not easy, especially trying to arrange shipping. Because of this we have focussed on New Zealand customers, keeping things local.

We’ve just launched, so no major issues yet 😊


How do you handle conflict between your yourselves?

We both have very different skillsets and abilities. I handle the business and marketing side and mum does the production. So we don’t bump heads too much.


How do you see Bokah Skin evolving?

I really don’t know. I know there is a demand out there for hand-crafted skincare products produced in small batches. Because of this lockdown people are all buying online and value small, local businesses so I’m not viewing the lockdown as a negative. I think it will be well received and I’m excited to eventually take it to an international market.


Any handy tips for other mother/daughter duos starting out in business together?

Have set roles. Play to your strengths. Lower your expectations regarding timelines. Try to enjoy the process and use it as an excuse to hang out and further your relationship.


Your morning / evening beauty routines?

Both our morning routines differ on the day because I have kids and my mum’s are all grown up. We both have a night routine where we pamper / give a facial to our skin every night. It’s part of my wind-down time. Before my shower I often do a dry brush/scrub and afterwards I do a double cleanse, and finally a mask, derma roller or micro dermabrasion (not every night). Afterwards, I rehydrate my skin with my Bokah Skin moisturiser and serum. I find it therapeutic and relaxing taking care of myself after a long day of taking care of others. Followed by a little reading (I try stay off social media).

Ideal start to Mother’s Day. Gentle or jolt?

Gentle, I love my bed and am fond of a good sleep in.


What’s for breakfast on Mother’s Day?

Buckwheat pancakes, home-made blueberry chia seed jam, pure 100% maple syrup and a blob of vanilla coconut yogurt.


You can choose the Mother’s Day gift of your dreams – what will it be?

Probably a far infrared sauna. They’re amazing. My mum has one but she lives two hours away so I rarely get to use it.  I’ve had my eye on one for a while.


Glass of something for Mother’s Day?

A glass of bubbly water kefir or cup of tea – my favourite at the moment is peppermint.