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Must See Places: Palace Hotel Tokyo

Nestled within the heart of the glamorous Marunouchi District just across the Imperial Palace Gardens, the Palace Hotel Tokyo is the ultimate tribute to omotenashi (Japanese hospitality): 290 luxurious rooms, 10 chic restaurants and bars, an evian SPA and over 1,000 pieces of exquisite art…


The Japanese have a saying, ichi-go ichi-e, ‘one time one meeting, cherish every moment as each is always once-in-a-lifetime’. From the moment you enter the doors of the immaculately decorated lobby of the Palace Hotel Tokyo, you begin to start collecting moments that are so delicate they will be cherished throughout your lifetime. The sight of the floor-to-ceiling windows opening to bewitching garden vistas take your breath away and the masterpieces of art donning the walls make you wonder, “Am I in a hotel or an art gallery?”


Wadakura Restaurant Entryway


The story of this grand hotel begins more than half-a-century ago with the birth of Hotel Teito that was once the Forestry Office of the Imperial Household. Owned and operated under the orders of the general headquarters of the Allied forces, it was created to meet the rising demand for accommodation in post-war Tokyo.  In 1959, Hotel Teito was razed to make way for the Palace Hotel, ‘a modern hotel for the modern era’. However, that too did not last long as the hotel closed in 2009 to prepare for a total rebuild from the ground up. Three years later, the Palace Hotel Tokyo was declared open and has been, to this day, one of the most iconic hotels in the city that perfectly harmonises its strongly rooted history and rich heritage with the best in modern luxury. Some of the remnants of the past have been restored to their former glory including the stunning Shigaraki tiles, the traditional ink wash painting in the Chiyoda Suite and the original bar counter from Royal Bar designed by longtime bartender ‘Mr. Martini’.               


A Haven of Modern Elegance & Japanese Tradition

Imagine soaking in a soothing bath in the comfort of your opulent suite, a glass of warm sake in your hand while the views of the city skyline, the Tokyo Tower, and the Imperial Palace Gardens are spread out before you like a feast for the eyes. Such is the grandeur that awaits you at the 290 rooms at the Palace Hotel Tokyo, which includes six executive suites and six one-of-a-kind suites. Each abode comes with king sized beds, a fully stocked minibar, 24-hour in-room dining and the finest Imabari bath linens, to name just a few of the amenities.


Palace Suite – Bathroom


Explore the tantalising flavours of Japan and cuisine from around the world at the hotel’s 10 elegant restaurants and bars. It might be a challenge trying out all the options, especially if you’re not staying for long, but we highly recommend sampling the teppanyaki at GO where each dish is presented as a beautiful a work of art; the sophisticated French cuisine at Crown and the heavenly treats at the Sweets & Deli pastry shop where each piece, whether it’s their signature Sake Cake or homemade chocolate, are a delight to your eyes as well as the tongue where they melt and explode with a burst of exquisite flavour. If you’re not pressed for time do visit the rest of the hotel’s dining options ranging from Wadakura with its authentic Japanese cuisine; refined Chinese at Amber Palace; scrumptious seafood tempura at Tatsumi; Sushi Kanesaka featuring Michelin-starred Chef Shinji Kanesaka; the elaborately restored 1961 Royal Bar; The Palace Lounge; The Lounge Bar Privé with its stunning open-air terrace views and the Grand Kitchen where an eclectic array of French, American, Spanish and Italian cuisine is presented with a delectable Japanese twist.


Evian Spa – Origami-Inspired Sculptural Installation


The pleasures of the magnificent Palace Hotel Tokyo extend further with its ultra-luxurious evian SPA TOKYO. Using natural mineral water from the alps, in some of its treatments, they are focused on mineral enrichment, rejuvenation and the renewing of vitality. The ambience of the 1,200-square-metre spa is designed in such a way that you feel like you’re among the cool alpines yet views of the neon-lighted skyline and Mount Fuji in the distance reminds you that you are indeed in the very heart of Tokyo.




The Palace of a Thousand Poems

According to the great Roman poet, Horace, a picture is a poem without words. Here in the majestic Tokyo Palace Hotel, you are presented with more than a thousand ‘wordless poems’ as you wander through the lobby, restaurants, corridors and even the guestrooms. The hotel’s breathtaking art collection encompasses more than 1,000 individual pieces and is one of the many reasons that set it apart from the rest. Each piece had been specially commissioned or chosen by the Palace Hotel from a wide number of renowned artists including Japan’s finest such as Masahito Katayama and Takeharu Nakabayashi. Katayama’s SUNFLOWER — 2012 brightens the lobby while Nakabayashi’s LANDSCAPE OF THE PALACE graces the main lobby as a surreal composite of the various landscapes to be found near Palace Hotel Tokyo.


Deluxe Room with Balcony


Award Winning Luxury

The enchantments of the Tokyo Palace Hotel have spread far and wide across the globe and have earned it many accolades and awards. For three years consecutively since 2016, the Palace Hotel Tokyo has been awarded the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide Five Stars while being described as a “modern classic in Tokyo”. Elite Traveler World’s ‘Top 100 Hotels’, Travel+Leisure USA World’s Best Award are just a few of the many titles that the spectacular hotel has won within just six years’ of being relaunched.


Words: Melissa Somawardana