Natural Products Your Skin Will Thank You For

Skincare is important, and each of us have a bundle of skincare products stored in the bathroom that fit in with our daily regime. But are your products actually good for you? We bundled together some of our favourite brands, that not only do wonders for the skin, but are also environmentally friendly and are making a difference in the world, so you can feel good and do good at the same time.



Ethically produced, natural and high quality, Essence of Humanity products are nutrient-rich made from unique plant oils from Africa and New Zealand. With a range of softening cream cleansers, nourishing moisturisers, facial oils and buttery balms, the wide range has something to suit every skin type. As well as being great for your skin, these products are also great for the soul! Every time you buy an Essence of Humanity product, you are directly supporting at-risk children in Kenya – with 100% of profits going to Satinwood, a children’s home in Kenya. Every purchase helps kids to recieve quality education and nutritious meals.

You can purchase Essence of Humanity Products here or at Commonsense Organics.



Atopis products are specially formulated to combat acne and eczema with 100% natural ingredients. Using a combination of plant cells, this range was built on the science of the ways that plants use cells to protect themselves from disease, drought and insects. Using these same cells, the Atopis range increases the amount of good bacteria to help regulate skin oils and sebum levels. This in turn helps with hormonal fluctuations and can also help with anti-aging.

Atopis Products are available exclusively online here.



Skinfood products are 100% New Zealand made, sourced from sustainable suppliers, and are packaged in recyclable packaging to reduce environmental waste. The range is made from natural food-based incredients with bioactive extracts to help promote beautiful skin. Combined with essential oils, these products are suitable for a broad range of skin types and are great for sensitive skin. Skinfood also works in partnership with the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, and ensures that their products are affordable and readily available throughout the country.

The Skinfood range is available online as well as in Countdown supermarkets.


Okana is a sustainable, safe and natural skincare range with a focus on mimimum natural ingredients in high concentrations. Made from 100% natural food-based products, the ingredients are fresh and edible – making these products just as delicious as they are effective. Okana is also New Zealand made and designed especially for those with sensitive skin or allergy-prone skin, however they have a range of cleansers, moisturisers and scrubs for all skin types.

Okana is available at New World & Pack n Save supermarkets as well as online.