Although there are certainly so many gems on offer at the Auckland Baby Show this year, there is one speaker  in particular that all parents would benefit greatly from hearing. Philippa Murphy, a mother herself, is the founder and internationally renowned practitioner of the parenting service BabyCues — Nurture with Nature. As a postnatal educator, her speciality is teaching parents the relationship between digestion and their baby’s communication and how to nurture within their digestive capacities and capabilities. Philippa says, “when we foster care within a newborn’s innate biology, providing what I call Bio-logical Care, we establish favourable feeding and winding practices that lead to a calm disposition and developmental sleep. Because this form of care is based on biological facts, it means prevention and remedy of colic, reflux, lactose and dairy overload is largely similar for each baby, with DNA and sensitivities being considered for healing.”


About 12,500 New Zealand babies suffer with colic in a year alone. According to Murphy, “most parents are told that their baby will grow out of it so just live with it, or if the baby has reflux they are prescribed detrimental pharmaceuticals.” Philippa believes that, “this isn’t a good enough response for families, especially since the causes for all of these digestive behaviours are now known and we can remedy them naturally.”


Philippa’s passion runs high for change. So much so that she has published a self-help parenting book, BabyCues — Nurture with Nature, Prevent and Remedy Colic, Reflux, Lactose and Dairy Overload, Nature’s Logical Answers, which is said to be, “a book for all parents.” Paperback and eBook available from www.babycues.info.


On 23 of August at 2pm you can listen to Philippa speak, to glean knowledge from her decades of research and her time employed by royalty, delegates and celebrities such as Kate Winslet. She has also been on the New Zealand National Board of Pregnancy Help, a committee member for Parent Centre Christchurch and Canterbury Homebirth, and is a member of the Infant Mental Health Association Aotearoa New Zealand.



BabyCues Book Cover