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New dietary supplement now available in New Zealand could help people live healthy, energetic lives into old age | Tru Niagen

New dietary supplement now available in New Zealand could help people live healthy, energetic lives into old age.



Professor Charles Brenner from the University of Iowa discovered a rare form of vitamin B3 called nicotinamide riboside (NR), which he says can help counter the physical effects of metabolic stress like neurodegenerative conditions, heart failure and ageing skin.



New Zealand can be considered lucky to be amongst the first few countries in the world to have NR (branded TRU NIAGEN) available to consumers. TRU NIAGEN is being touted as a “next generation” dietary supplement with the potential to increase “health span”, or the amount of time one spends in good health during their life.


According to Prof. Brenner, TRU NIAGEN acts as a precursor to a critical cellular regulator called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). This means that when taken as a supplement, TRU NIAGEN converts to NAD in all cells in the body.


This is important because scientists have long known that NAD declines with age and under conditions of metabolic stress. It is thought that declining NAD levels is a key reason cellular function and consequently health, deteriorates with age.


Between our 20’s and the time we reach our late 40’s, NAD levels can have declined by as much as 50%, leaving the body short of this cellular regulator which coordinates important functions like; enabling mitochondria with energy, repairing damaged DNA, healing following illness or injury, production of healthy levels of male and female hormones, immune response, muscle and organ function.


Even when we are younger, our NAD levels can be depleted any time we eat too much, drink too much, stay in the sun for too long, don’t sleep well or get sick, says Prof Brenner.



Until recently, NAD decline was thought to be an irreversible consequence of aging, but Prof. Brenner’s research has shown that TRU NIAGEN can lift the level of NAD in cells, giving them more energy to carry out their normal, healthy function. Prof. Brenner has made it very clear that he steers away from making “anti-aging” claims, however he believes that TRU NIAGEN will play a crucial role in helping people stay healthier and more active throughout their lives.


The NAD story is a hot topic in the scientific community at present and has gained main stream attention being featured in the likes of Time magazine and on a multitude of popular podcasts including The Joe Rogan Experience, which is listened to by millions of people around the world.


Lending further weight to this vital molecule are acclaimed scientists such as Australian Professor David Sinclair, co-director of the Paul F Glenn Center for the Biology of Ageing at Harvard Medical School. Prof. Sinclair has been researching NAD precursors like TRU NIAGEN for a number of years and told Time that NAD was the “closest we’ve gotten to the fountain of youth” and that “It’s one of the most important molecules for life to exist, and without it, you’re dead in 30 seconds.”


Another Harvard Professor Rudi Tansi, Professor of Neurology and Director of the Genetics and Aging Research unit, reported recently that he takes supplements occasionally but TRU NIAGEN is one supplement he makes sure he takes every day.


TRU NIAGEN has recently gained Safe For Sport certification and many professional sports teams in the USA are reporting enhanced performance and healing/recovery times.


There are multiple clinical studies looking into the benefits of TRU NIAGEN in humans (it has already been shown to be safe and effective at raising cellular NAD), with current research collaborations in major universities approaching 200 studies.


Because NAD is necessary at practically every level of cellular function, the range of research collaborations is as broad as it gets for one, very special little molecule.



  • TRU NIAGEN is the brand name for nicotinamide riboside (NR) which is a rare form of vitamin B3.
  • NR is found naturally in certain foods, such as human mother’s milk and cow’s milk, but not in the quantity required to sustainably lift NAD levels in adults. Drinking 300 litres of cow’s milk would only give you the equivalent amount of NR as there is in one 300mg dose of TRU NIAGEN.
  • TRU NIAGEN is available exclusively at or by calling TRU NIAGEN NZ on 0800 642 436.
  •  A bottle of 60 capsules (one month supply) retails for $59.95.


TRU NIAGEN does not clash with other medications. /  0800 642 436