Oppo AX5s

The OPPO AX5s is a phone with an immersive experience without the price tag! Boasting a stylish design, long-lasting battery life, and dual rear cameras, the OPPO AX5s is the perfect travel companion for price savvy Kiwis looking to capture every moment. It also features OPPO’s unique waterdrop screen, ensuring a fully immersive viewing experience through its near-full screen display.

Available for $299 at select retailers. Visit oppo.com/nz for details.

We’ve got one of these amazing phones up for grabs. To be in to win, just let us know in the comments below who in your life is in desperate need of a new phone and would love this prize.

Competition now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Maya Custo.

  1. That’s my amazing mum, Ayanthi Undugodage. She really needs a new phone because her current phone is not that great. She would really love this awesome mobile phone prize very much. This sounds amazing.

  2. My darling lovely beautiful sister Marta who is the greatest sister in the world and my best friend plus a fantastic Mum ❤💕👭💕❤ I would be absolutely delighted to win this awesome phone and gift it to her for Mothers Day ❤💕👭💕❤

  3. I am in need of a new phone. The phone I have was a hand me down from my generous sister. It needs constant charging.

  4. My better half. Our kids have way more modern phones and mine is supplied by my work. It’s about she got n upgrade.

  5. I have been told by my teens that I need to have a Smartphone – at the moment I just have the very basic Samsung from which I only use to text. I’m not sure if I’d be able to cope with a Smartphone.

  6. me … i have an old S6 that battery just keeps on dying and cant go anywhere without it hooked up to a powerbank making it bulky to cart around

  7. I’m in desperate need of a new phone. My current phone is a hand me down. It runs out of battery so quickly, and only takes average photos. 🙁

  8. My husband desperately needs this – his cellphone gave up the ghost last week, and he is currently using an old phone that was lying around in a cupboard at home. I am sure he would love an Oppo AX5s, as he enjoys taking photos.

  9. My partner, capture some epic photos of our adventures together, especially with our house landscaping 🌿 happening lots of adventures

  10. My mother so desperately needs a new phone she never will buy herself a decent one! It would make video calling and sending pictures of her handsome grandson to her so much easier if she won this amazing OPPO AX5 phone. My partner has the Ax7 and it’s amazing! Fingers crossed for my mum Gaeline!!

  11. My boyfriend who dropped his phone into the ocean a month ago and has been using my old broken one since…

  12. I would love to gift this to my amazing, assistant who has helped me grow my business each day with passion, love. Gifting her this phone would be fantastic and make her year.

  13. Actually me! My kids are always telling me how hopeless and out dated my phone is with such a terrible camera on it and begging me to get a new one!

  14. OMG – me! My phone is sooo slow and out of date. It’s started shutting down at random times – even when I’m using it! Time to upgrade 😉

  15. My partner- his Samsung is about 5 years old and he’s constantly running out of memory. He often surfs so he’s always snapping photos and videos to share with his mates. I might not be able to afford him a new phone but if I could win him one I think I would get some brownie points 🙂

  16. My Mum desperately needs a new phone – her old one is always cutting out and is unreliable! This would help her keep in touch with family and friends.

  17. My son, who saved most of his money from his holiday job to buy an upgrade from his old flip up one, only to have someone knock him and send it flying on to the concrete. The cost to repair is more than it is worth.

  18. My partner! he hasn’t had a new phone in years. His screen is currently cracked and almost impossible to read. He refuses to get it fixed because he thinks that money can be used more wisely.

  19. oh definitely me,. My first phone my toddler threw out of the car window and smashed the screen. Got another this one was smashed by another son. Like literally no luck with phones. And I so need to stay in tough with husband in case something happens and I need him urgently as I can’t drive and depend on me. Will be life saver.

  20. I am in need of a new phone, I have a phone for work but only allowed to use for work purposes so can’t do the things I would like to (taking and saving pics etc), which is annoying. I don’t have a personal phone as we can’t afford to buy one being on 1 wage with a 6 year old 🙁

  21. My mum! She struggles to use her old iPhone, it’s definitely not for her. I need her to have a good phone so she can always contact me !

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