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Float under the stars at the OPPO Reno Suite

WIN a luxury stay at the OPPO Reno Suite, located in one of the most breathtaking spots on earth – the Waipara Valley. At the OPPO Reno Suite you can experience everything – from the starry night skies above to the native plants growing beneath your feet.

The isolation of an immersive glass suite completely surrounded by nature is guaranteed to take you to another world. It offers something for everyone. Wine-lovers can head to the local award-winning vineyard that is open exclusively to guests. Those looking for an adventure can explore the surrounding trails to take in sweeping views of the beautiful Waipara Valley.

To capture images of this ultimate getaway, two OPPO Reno 10x Zoom devices will be left at the suite for guests to capture their ultimate adventure with!

So, what are you waiting for? For your chance to win a this exclusive stay at the suite for two, including flights and food, simply tell us in 50 words why you deserve to enjoy this luxury retreat in the comment section below!

For more information, visit: https://www.oppoinstacation.co.nz/

Competition now closed. Congratulations to our winner Rebecca Sandford.

  1. My husband and I would absolutely love a getaway and the Waipara Valley is such an iconic and beautiful spot in New Zealand – it’s actually on our list for Christmas when we have a family Canterbury getaway organised, but we’d love to do it just the two of us before then. Thanks Verve!

  2. I’ve just broken through an seemingly enormous self imposed barrier. I thought I didn’t deserve something if I didn’t NEED it. It’s safe for me to want something. Putting it out there, I deserve to celebrate this new level of receiving 🙂

    1. Because I have not yet been to the South Island. Hence, I really would love to visit Christchurch and especially, this amazing Waipara Valley area very much. It will be very fun and enjoyable to stay at the fabulous OPPO Reno Suite as well. This is such a wonderful prize!

  3. The Waipara Valley is an area I’ve never explored but definitely want to – it looks absolutely beautiful, and with wineries nearby what could be better! I’m also trying to convince my partner why NZ is the best country ever, so any excuse to add another gem to the growing list – also, he takes a great photo!

  4. North Canterbury has some amazing hidden gems, and we want to explore them all. Hectic week day lives leave us looking for awesome weekend adventures and places to recharge the batteries. What better way to do this than in a glass room with great wine. We love pure luxury retreats!

    1. The dream is to build
      a tiny house under the stars
      trekking Waipara Valley
      where the dream could be ours

  5. Couldn’t think of a cooler way to spend time under the stars and recharge the ol’ batteries with my partner Donovan (a Southern Boy himself). Plus, I’m a bit of a star nerd, and would love to gaze upon them with a noice glass of caaaardonaaay 🙂

  6. My partner and I had our son 18 years ago, we split up when he was just 3 months and were apart 17 years. We’re back together and so happy…I’d love this to celebrate our fast approaching second 2 year anniversary 😂

  7. I would welcome a stay in a place like this as to me it would be like a dream come true. I work really hard with people who suffer a lot of trauma and think about their plight a lot. Being able to relax and take time for myself would be idyllic. thank you.

  8. Such a beautiful place that I would love to explore! It would be wonderful to have a break with my partner

  9. I’d love to be able to take my best friend for a getaway. We’ve both been under so much stress at work lately and could really do with a break to recharge our batteries

  10. My best friend and I have both been under so much stress with work recently and I’d love the chance to get away and recharge our batteries!

  11. The dream is to build
    a tiny house under the stars
    trekking Waipara Valley
    where the dream could be ours

  12. Would love to win this for me and my partner as its been 15 years since we actually went on a date also our 15 year anniversary.
    5 kids later I’m not really going to complain.
    But this would be perfect for us to re kindle that spark.
    Thanks so much for the chance.

  13. Long days at work and many hours fighting gridlock has me spent. Nature would nurture my needs, calm my nerves and soothe my soul. I deserve a chance.

  14. I give 100 percent working in Acute Mental Health. I have a good heart & am a huge nature enthusiast who appreciates fine wine & spectacular Starry Nights.

  15. Wow I haven’t been away for years. I would absolutely love this thank you for the chance I spent all my spare time helping others. Thank you

  16. Wow reading about the Waipara Valley and all it has to offer has enlightened me and i now wonder why we have never visited, love to take my wife Debbie and explore the Waipara Valley she deserves a well earned break from a tough past 10 months for personal reasons.

  17. This would be so magical, to escape the city & explore nature with my man. Getting off our phones, getting onto our yoga mats & enjoying the sunshine and wine. Yes please 🙂

  18. My partner is currently flying back from LA where her work sent her for a month. She worked 16 hours days , 6 day a week…she needs this!

  19. It’s amazing to see such unique luxury accommodation pop up in New Zealand. Would love the opportunity to soak up the Waipara Valley here and also treat my husband and I to some uninterrupted sleep and relaxation, which we can’t really recall with a newborn and 2 year old!

  20. As a busy plumber and teacher, my husband and I really treasure our free time together. We both love the outdoors and have never been to the Waipara Valley so this mini-break would be bliss for us. 😍

  21. This would be a dream experience, my partner works long hours during the week and most Saturday mornings, I work in a dementia unit a tough but rewarding job, we could both use a break.

  22. Would love to take my partner on an escape like this. We work hours where we don’t see each other as much as we would like, and this would be great for some time together!

  23. I believe I deserve this luxury retreat because that winter solstice really got me in a funk! Time to get away and have some self-care with my man. What better way than in nature, in a beautiful luxury spot 👏🏼 Thank you!!

  24. My partner Graeme and I have not travelled much in New Zealand. I’m originally from Europe and would love to see more of his beautiful country. This stay at the Waipara Valley would be marvellous! And: OPPO rocks :)!

  25. Have never been here and am always on the hunt for unique experiences!
    This would suit my desires for
    Peace and tranquility – away from my busy work life -the perfect place to reset

  26. This Waipara Valley get away would be most appreciated for me to gift to my parents. They work tirelessly through the week and always put their hand up to help one of us four daughters out in the weekends. From babysitting to fixing/renovating – they are there for all our needs. They never stop. They deserve a break away!!!

  27. Because I have not yet been to the South Island. Hence, I really would love to visit Christchurch and especially, this amazing Waipara Valley area very much. It will be very fun and enjoyable to stay at the fabulous OPPO Reno Suite as well. This is such a wonderful prize!

  28. I would love to take a friend here for a holiday ,i love the smooth architectural lines of the building.It looks such a magical place to visit, love to visit the local vineyards too.

  29. I would love to explore the Waipara Valley with my partner. We both enjoy wine, the outdoors, and photography so this would be a great getaway.

  30. I’m having an operation in 2 weeks to remove a prolapsed disc and prolapsed bone from my cervix and have been living with chronic pain since Feb 2017. So, this would be an incredible holiday from life with my magnificent beloved partner and we both love nature.

  31. My partner and I love to road trip and travel around newzealand, we are yet to get down south and a trip like that would be truely amazing. We keep all of our travels on social media so we can share the gems of the world!

  32. My bestie another solo mum are dying for a beautiful break and away from laundry and dirty dishes. It would be awesome to unwind and chill and look at the stars at night then enjoy breath taking views. This holiday will heal and invigorate us. Salute the sun with Tequila.

  33. Since our little Bubba born, my partner and I didn’t have a lot of “couple-time”. It would be the perfect occasion for us to enjoy a nice date as much as discovering the Waipara Valley.

  34. I’d actually love to give it to my mum and dad – they’re living in a temporary unit while they wait for their new house to be built, so they could do with a treat!

  35. I’d actually love to give this to my mum and dad in Chch – they’re living in a temporary unit while they wait for their new house to be finished, so they could do with a treat!

  36. My husband and I have recently moved back to NZ, after 5 years living overseas. The opportunity to explore some of these beautiful parts of our country such as the Waipara Valley would be the perfect way to celebrate coming home!

  37. My husband and I deserve to win this magical prize, as we have just started our journey into night time photography. What an incredible opportunity it would be to stay at the OPPO Reno Suite and spend the night, capturing natures best.

  38. I would love the chance to take some time out of the fourth year of my degree to get away with my husband. Between the kids, study and work, we barely see each other any more. The beautiful OPPO Reno Suite would be the perfect antidote to our busy lives.

  39. Tiny house love nest under the stars with no one around, so romantic, the star gazing to be done cuddled up to the one you love whilst enjoying the great food and wine found at the nearby vineyards. Unless you’ve been to this part of the country, you’ve seriously missed out. Go when the Culverden fete’s on!

  40. I can picture my mum having the most blissful time there. She is a single parent who works tirelessly to provide my younger sister with the best life possible. She does so much for me as I am on the autism spectrum and have a neutro-developmental disorder. I would LOVE for her to have some much deserved ‘me time’.

  41. Not so much myself but me and my husband would truely love the opportunity to escape, kids, work and daily grind to be together in this stunning part of the world.

  42. My boyfriend is a Cantabrian and loves any chance he can to get back – would love to take him and get some quality one-on-one time together, especially as all our holidays so far have been family focused

  43. What an opportunity – to be an adult and not a parent for a change. After 30 years of marriage it would be a wonderful 2nd honeymoon.

  44. I would be absolutely thrilled to win this amazingly wonderful getaway giveaway for my lovely partner Maurice and I because we haven’t been on holiday for years, have been struggling with our health and wellbeing as well as financially so it would be such a beautiful uplifting treat for us ☺❤

  45. Wow, what an incredible prize this is! A few days in this beautiful area would recharge the batteries for sure.

  46. Waipara Valley they say is the pantry of NZ . produce and wines..wild game and a truffle farm or two .. sounds magic!!! surprise my wife to celebrate our anniversary.. decades together and what a highlight this would be to add to the memory bank.

  47. What a beautiful getaway it would be to see the Waipara Valley as we’ve never been. it would come at a perfect time as life has been one big stressful one. Work, study, renovations…. Would this incredible gift! Thank you Verve!

  48. My partner and I have never left the North Island together, and haven’t had a decent break all year. Would both love to take a quiet break to recharge, and practice our photography!!

  49. I love OPPO’s commitment to sustainability with this house! I would love to enjoy looking up at the starry night skies with my partner, while enjoying a glass of beautiful Waipara Valley wine. This would be our ultimate getaway.

  50. Can’t see the stars in the city. This would be the perfect spot for astrophotography and to take an amazing timelapse.

  51. Oh my god yes please get me the hell out of my house from my kids so my husband and I can spend some MUCH needed quality time together! married 3 years now and still no honeymoon…..just kids kids and work work! HELP!

  52. I would love to win this luxury stay at the OPPO Reno Suite with my wife so we can explore the Waipara Valley – where we have never been. We need some R&R in a beautiful location like this.

  53. My husband and I need a relaxing getaway and this sounds perfect! I would love to explore the area of Waipara and chill out in an amazingly beautiful place.

  54. My lovely husband can’t travel outside NZ anymore due to illness and I think this would be the most wonderful loving treat for us both

  55. I would love to take my husband on this trip. It would be a great way to thank him for all his support during my pregnancy and after the birth of our child.

  56. After 2 deaths in the family this year already. My partner and I could do with a break from the stress of everything that has been going on.

  57. Our house flooded and we had to move into a motel for 7 weeks. When we returned to the house the spores left from the flooding caused me to get pneumonia. My partner and I would love a break away and some luxury.

  58. My dad left my mum after 51 years together and she is devastated. I’d like to take her away for a lovely break and try and take her mind off things.

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