Our Top 6 Picks for the NZ International Film Festival

NZ International Film Festival | 18 July – 11 August

1. Celebration: Yves Saint Laurent

A poignant, intimate portrait of Yves Saint Laurent in his twilight years takes us behind the scenes of the fabled fashion house and of the couturier’s complex relationship with business partner Pierre Bergé. To view times and book tickets, click here.


2. Walking on Water

Octogenarian Christo wraps up a miraculous career with a spectacular network of fabric walkways over an Italian lake, in an oft-humorous closeup look at the process of creation, clashes of egos and perils of nature. To view session times and to make a booking, click here.


3. Halston

The astounding career and chequered business history of the American design genius who revolutionised fashion in the 1970s are recalled in this fittingly epic new documentary from the director of Dior and I. To view session times and to make a booking, click here.


4. mid90s

Actor Jonah Hill directs his first film with dead-on authenticity and unruly spirit this throwback to ’90s skate culture, based on his teenage years as a troublemaking skater in downtown LA. To view session times and book, click here.

5. Come To Daddy

Elijah Wood, Stephen McHattie and Madeleine Sami lead Kiwi director. Ant Timpson’s deranged comic thriller about a father-son reunion that goes very, very south. To view session times and to make a booking, click here.

6. The Farewell

Lulu Wang’s widely praised drama tells the story of a Chinese-American family paying their last respects to a mother and grandmother who doesn’t know she’s dying. To make a booking and to view session times, click here.

For more information about the New Zealand International Film Festival, visit nziff.co.nz