Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy

After 13 years of operation and with eight locations across Auckland, Peak Pilates has become known for its specialised approach which incorporates both pilates and physiotherapy to improve the all-round well-being of their clients. This has led to the formation of a passionate team of instructors like Lauren Mackessack-Leitch  who practise exactly what they preach.


After injuring her back during her teenage years as a figure skater representing Great Britain, Lauren was introduced to pilates during her recovery and discovered its incredible rehabilitative potential as well as enhancing fitness and overall strength. She has now practiced Pilates for over ten years, and moved to Auckland from Scotland to participate in Peak’s in-house instructor training programme following her graduation with a degree in physiotherapy from Glasgow University. “Research has proven that pilates really is one of the best forms of exercise, and it complements physiotherapy practices so well,” says Lauren. “Also, New Zealand is somewhere I’ve always wanted to move to. It all just fell into place!”


In 2017 pilates is found in virtually every gym around New Zealand, but Peak Pilates offers something much more comprehensive; they specialise in small class sizes  (four people in a reformer class, eight in a mat class) with instructors who are experts in anatomy and physiology. All clients must complete a one-on-one introduction class before enrolling in the regular schedule, ensuring that everyone is bought up to speed on the basics and can form a more personal connection with their instructor. “When I had a bad back, I had an instructor who spent a lot of time with me and got huge satisfaction from getting me back out on the ice,” says Lauren. “I want to be able to feel that for the people that I’m teaching.”


Pilates has a lot more benefits than just the physical element. Lauren reveals that most of us forget the importance of being ‘selfish’ by putting aside some time to focus on our overall wellbeing. This idea of working from the inside out and playing close attention to how we feel is core to Peak’s approach. “In the UK you frequently get a class of 30 people to one instructor; there is no way they can go around correcting form,” adds Lauren. “The best thing about Peak is that it’s completely standardised because of the in-house training and its approach. No matter which Peak clinic you go to, you will receive exactly the same standard of care and support.”


Peak Pilates & Physiotherapy is now in Botany, Grey Lynn, Millwater, Newmarket, Parnell, Red Beach, St. Heliers, St. Johns, & Takapuna. For more information visit peakpilatesgroup.co.nz



For a limited time, Peak Pilates are offering a 50% discount on physio appointments as well as on one-on-one introduction pilates class with Lauren
(St. Heliers Studio).