#peopletofollow | DIY Edition


Elsie and Emma share homemade recipes, craft and inspiration from contributors all around the world. From creative recipes perfect for the whole family (we especially love their creative cookies), to painted coasters to brighten up the dining room. There’s something for everyone, and all of their projects are super simple to make – even if you’re just starting out!





If redecorating the home is how you plan to spend your summer, then you’ll love Fiona Michelon’s quirky interior design ideas. With fabulous pastel colour schemes, she takes modern furniture and turns it into cohesive rooms that are both simplistic and homely. She’ll also give you some fantastic ways to get your home looking perfect for the summer.





Vintage blogger and mother, Kristen Whitby shares her holiday home decor ideas on both her Instagram and her blog. With DIY gift ideas, family recipes and various home projects – she’ll keep you busy this summer with all of her creative ideas. We especially love her unique DIY Christmas decorations that are sure to impress your guests over the silly season.





The sorry girls are DIY experts and not only will they give you some great home decor ideas, but all their posts link to youtube videos with step-by-step instructions of how to make everything. Their quirky ideas are often easy to make without breaking the bank. Perfect for summer projects or Christmas gift ideas.