#PeopleToFollow | Men’s Edition



International Influencer: Mattia Harnacke

“Social media has given me and extraordinary opportunity to connect and share my life with so many people. Not only do I use my social media to promote my work (modelling), but I also share my passion of riding horses on it. I pride myself on how my Instagram showcases authenticity and passion. I hope to inspire my followers to understand that being yourself is perfect and to hopefully give them a community of like-minded people where we can support and learn.”



Curator Male Model of the Year: Acaua Diniz

Acaua Diniz (we dare you to pronounce that properly) is a Brazilian import who has a swarm of adoring fans in his native Sao Paulo, yet left it all behind to pursue a career in fashion and acting downunder. With boyish charm to boot, Acaua boasts an impressive social media following of more than 100k followers from around the world. With many successful campaigns to name, it’s his humble, offbeat personality and sense of style and dedication to his craft that makes him our male model of the year.



Content Creator: Quoc Phan

“I remember when social media began booming a few years ago. It was seen as a trend for the younger generations. Now, it has become staple in one’s life. It’s crazy how quickly it has caught on with everyone. I believe that as we become more receptive to visuals such as pictures and videos, the social media influence trend will continue to cultivate. It has become such a hit, that even businesses see social media as a key tool in their overall growth.”



Content Creator: Daniel Andanov

“Social media influencer isn’t a prestigious title, for many people it’s a job and source of income. Maybe even a hobby (like it is to me), the money and free items are a bonus. Social media takes time to crack! I have spent three years growing my Instagram and it doesn’t happen overnight. Put out good content and engage with people, just two ways that have personally helped me grow my Instagram following to 20k. Fashion and lifestyle are my main audiences, get gramming.”



Male Travel Influencer of the Year: Torrell

Toravel, also know as Torrell from the Cougar Boys (comedy group with 500K followers across all social media) travels the world and shares his travels through a unique editing style of videos and vlogs and epic Instagram photos which include having dinner in the sky in Dubai or a backflip during an Eiffel Tower sunset in Paris. Toravel has attracted a following of 80k across all social media platforms.



Mens Fashion Blogger of the Year : Levi Samuel

“Being invited to different fashion events around the world is such an amazing and exciting opportunity. I’ve worked throughout New Zealand, Australia and also success within the Asian market has helped gain international exposure to people who I would have never expected. Getting to travel to these places allows you to meet these awesome people who support everything you do, and love what you post or talk about through social media.”



International Influencer of the Year: Troy Pes

The part-Aussie, part-Venezuelan heart-throb is undoubtedly a head turner, but it’s his self-depreciating, witty personality which has has hoards of followers (300k-plus) at his beck and call. Troy sets the bar for social media engagement standards, most, if not all of his followers receive a reply on comment, and no influencer makes paid for posts so blatantly obvious, and hilariously entertaining at the same time. Look for him to hit Kardashian levels of fame in the near future we think.



Content Creator: Robert Nairn, TripperSociety

An engineer by trade, Robert Nairn is quickly becoming a name synonymous with travel aficionados downunder. His love for travel and photography led him to spearhead @Trippersociety, a group of young Kiwi globetrotters slowly but surely taking the social media world by storm. We love the fact that he represents our beautiful shores with pride and aesthetic ease. Follow Robert and the team’s adventures @Trippersociety on Instagram and Facebook.