#PEOPLETOFOLLOW | The Mature Side of Instagram

Who says you’re too old for Instagram? From models, businessmen to everyday people just enjoying themselves, Instagram showcases the fun in everyday life and that age does not matter!


Jeff Goldblum @jeffgoldblum

Our designers’ favourite fly, Jeff Goldblum. He always puts a smile on our faces with his memes and lavish lifestyle. An undisputed fashion god, you can’t help but love Jeff Goldblum.


Jan de Villeneuve @jandevilleneuve

Veteran model, Jan de Villeneuve started modelling in the 1970s. Still going strong, Jan states that older women love fashion too, which is why she is still a strong presence in fashion, showing it has no age.


Ron Jack Foley @to_ron_to

Model and actor, Ron Jack Foley has the hair of a Norse god. With his luscious locks garnering him a role in American Gods, it’s not that long until you will see him more on the silver screen.


Grece Ghanem @greceghanem

Grece Ghanem went from a personal trainer with over 25 years experience to a fashion influencer in her fifties. It’s not that hard to see why, as her style is so sophisticated and chic.


Moon Lin @moonlin0106

Moon Lin is the coolest 91-year-old women we’ve ever seen. Hailing from Taiwan, Lin mixes streetwear into her everyday wardrobe. By mixing bright colours and colour-coordinating her outfits, Lin’s photos are always a delight to see.


Nick Wooster @nickwooster

Labelled “the alpha male of American street style” by GQ, Nick Wooster is the self-proclaimed free agent. The style icon/creative is a street-style idol to many and is one of the main figures behind heaps of your favourite brands, consulting for fashion and style.


Pauline & Geoffrey Walker @geoffreywalk

Pauline and Geoffery Walker have been married for over 68 years. They share their everyday lives, with Geoffery often posting sweet comments about his love for Pauline.


Franco Mazzetti @franz_1955

A menswear consultant from Italy, Franco is always so stylish and effortless. Always on the cusp of menswear, he makes us wish we could always look so dapper.