Lili and Dave. Photography: Tim Cuff.

Pet Sharing with Pugs, Ponies and Parrots | Share My Pet

What do pugs and ponies and parrots have in common? They can all be part of pet sharing through the website, Share My Pet.

All pet owners love their pets and would happily do anything in their power to keep their furry (or scaley) charges happy. But what do you do as a pet owner when a holiday opportunity arises? If you have ever fancied a weekend away but obligations such as your pets make it impossible, pet sharing could be ideal for you.

Introducing Share My Pet. New Zealand’s first pet sharing website. Launched early 2018, pet owners and animal lovers alike have been jumping on board to join the pet sharing community. Members are loving the relationships being formed between pets and people. As a pet owner it is a great option for extra pet care when life gets busy. Non pet owners that crave cuddle time with a pet can now get their animal fix and be a special part of a pet’s life.



A Solution For Pet Owners

We all lead busy lives. Juggling work, family and the daily chores is something most people have in common. Pet ownership takes time, money and a lot of commitment. We want the best for our pets, and they deserve the best. This includes plenty of fresh air, exercise, companionship and care. Share My Pet gives pet owners the chance to connect to trustworthy animal lovers that would love to spend time with their pets and form a loving relationship with them.

Joining the Share My Pet community means you know your pet is getting the attention and care it deserves when you are busy or away. This could be as simple as a few extra walks a week for your canine buddy. Or arranging at-home holiday care for your cat who prefers the comforts of home sweet home. Rabbits, fish, chickens and even bearded dragons are all welcome to join.

Don’t own a pet! Get your fur fix at Share My Pet

It is not always possible to own your own pet. Many rental properties in NZ do not allow pets, while long working hours, frequent travel or being a student are factors that lead you to decide that now is not the right time to commit to pet ownership.

If at present you cannot provide a pet with the best life it deserves, including time and company and the right amount of space it needs to be happy, then pet sharing offers you a solution.


How pet sharing works

The process is simple: decide if you are a Sharer (pet owner) or a Carer (person wishing to look after someone’s pet).

Create a profile for yourself and/or your pet. Once your profile is live you can check out all the available pets and people in your community on the website.

When you have found a pet or a person you would like to connect with there is an annual membership fee of $49.99. Once paid you can use the messenger system to contact other members to arrange a first date. You can message as many people as you want within your 12-month membership.


Find your perfect match

Via the built-in messenger system pet owners and animal lovers can chat and get to learn a bit more about each other. If both parties like the sound of each other it’s time to arrange a real date. At no point is any personal information such as home address or phone number visible to the other person. All your data is keep safe and confidential.

Pet Sharing is about connecting pet owners with animal lovers so Kiwi pets benefit from extra love and attention. Members can learn all about pet care and form a special connection with an animal regardless of their living and work situations. Pets, people, love. It really can be that simple.


Who we are and why we set up Share My Pet

Our names are Lili and Dave. We have four much-loved members of our lovely fur family: Elfie our cat, Snout and Muppet our two dogs, and Gem the mini pony. We also have four chickens who live a lovely life, free-ranging under the trees in our garden.

We founded Share My Pet at the end of 2017 after speaking to lots of people when walking our dogs who love animals but can’t or don’t have one but would love to take care of one. We realised that there are a lot of good people out there who love animals but, for whatever reasons, do not own a pet – but would love to share the care of an animal and have the joy of an animal’s companionship.

We saw the same need in pet owners who occasionally wish they had someone else they knew and trusted in their lives to help out with looking after their beloved pets—whether it be when they went on holidays, wanted their pet to have extra companionship or just wanted to make their pets happy by allowing them more love from animal lovers.


We believe Share My Pet is a win-win situation for pet owners and animal lovers alike. For more information please visit