The Petite Kitchen

The Petite Kitchen

Petite Kitchen started as a personal blog for Eleanor Ozich to keep track of her health-conscious recipes. But in just 6 months it has built a loyal following around the world, with over 2000 fans on the Facebook page.

“Many of my recipes are simply what I threw together from whatever I had in the fridge or pantry,” says Eleanor, who lists Nigel Slater and Jamie Oliver among her inspirations. “I love that rustic, simple but delicious style of cooking.”

As a child, Eleanor lived above her parent’s restaurant and says growing up in that environment sowed the seeds of her love for food, but that within the last couple of years cooking has changed her life, becoming a “full-time passion”. After her daughter, Izabella, developed severe eczema that seemed incurable, Eleanor exhausted all of the traditional medical avenues and turned to a naturopath who discovered that Izabella was suffering from an imbalance of stomach bacterial toxins known as Gut and Psychological Syndrome (GAPS). Eleanor was told to cut sugar, grain, additives and preservatives from her daughter’s diet: the results were spectacular.

“I find it inspiring that food, the item that causes so many problems, is also the very thing that can be used to cure and cleanse out bodies and minds,” says Eleanor. “The change in Izabella was huge – she is now a level-headed, bubbly little girl.”

Eleanor says that both she and her husband (with whom she founded the NZ fashion label, I Love Ugly) have benefited dramatically both physically and mentally from the new diet. She lists her five favourite ingredients as lemon, garlic, honey, butter and fresh herbs which, she says, can transform a bland and boring dish into something spectacular.

“The smallest change can make a world of difference, we really are what we eat,” says Eleanor. “The essence of my mission is to provide others with the joy and lifestyle that has graced our family.”