Pets & Holidays

Summer is on its way and getting ready for a new holiday is always an exciting time.


But while we are delighted at the prospect of a couple of weeks drinking bubble water on the beach, our pets are not impressed at being left behind. It’s a worry and you know how it goes; you’re so worried that your loved one won’t be okay that you put off trying to plan for it.


Best thing to do is to do your research and plan early, then you have the best shot at finding the best care for Bella and Oscar. What to plan?


First — Book Early! Catteries and kennels are very busy, and pet sitters have lives (and families) too!


Second — Chose cat sitters wisely. The pet sitter should not just scoop poop and refill water and food bowls. They need to see your cats every day and check on their well-being. It is true that cats are easier to care for than dogs in many respects, and a dog sitter carries more responsibility than a dog walker.


Third — Think ‘babysitter’ when choosing a dog sitter. You wouldn’t entrust your child with someone only capable of pushing a stroller. Caring for your dog means more than walking him around the house. A babysitter is responsible for the entire well-being of the child, and the same holds true for dog sitters and their charges.


Fourth — Tell your pet sitter where to go in case of an emergency. Give your vet a heads up that you are leaving Holly with a pet sitter and send him an email telling your vet where you are and your wishes in case of an emergency.


With a bit of planning your pets won’t be afraid that their mum or dad is leaving them for some fun in the sun.


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