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Pets at Work make for Happier People and Pets

Looking for a workplace initiative that boosts morale, increases productivity and even decreases stress? You could achieve the above and more by bringing your pets to work this Friday, 7 July, for National Purina Pets at Work Day.

Nestlé Purina PetCare, supported by the SPCA and The Mental Health Foundation, wants to inspire more organisations to responsibly join this growing pet movement to become healthy, progressive workplaces where employees are more productive, less stressed and better engaged.

Almost half-a-million New Zealand workers already enjoy a pet-friendly workplace but one in four of those who were unable to bring their pets to work, would like to see that change [₁].

Mandy Jacobsen, director at Red 11 Management, has been bringing her dog Harry into work for 12 years.



“I truly think every organisation should consider allowing responsible pet owners to bring their pets to work. I work with a range of talent and when a model is nervous or highly-strung, Harry provides a calming effect that allows them to perform at their best, rather than letting the stress get in the way.”

Jennifer Chappell, head of marketing for Purina New Zealand, says that many other workplaces would benefit from having a pet friendly-policy.

“We love coming to work every day with our furry friends. Pets help us to relax, laugh more and they encourage us to get some fresh air during the day. We strongly believe that pets and people are better together and we think that Kiwis should give pets at work a go.”

If you would like to bring your pets to work this Purina Pets at Work Day visit for handy documents around authorisation, safety and etiquette.


[1] ‘How to win friends and influence people with pet friendly workplaces.’  A Nestlé Purina study into the incidence, appeal and drawbacks of New Zealand pet friendly workplaces (2016).