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The idea of visiting the dentist often fills people with dread but that’s slowly changing as dentists offer more procedures to improve the aesthetics of your smile, rather than just root canals and the like! Treatments like the Philips Zoom Whitening Treatment, which gives you gleaming teeth and more confidence in your smile, which is especially important in the lead-up to Christmas, what with all those celebrations and photos!


The Philips Zoom Whitening Treatment consists of a check-up with a dental hygienist to assess the suitability of the treatment for your teeth. If your teeth are not up to the treatment, the professionals will not proceed. If okay to proceed, a medical professional will cover your lips and gums, leaving just the teeth exposed. They’ll then apply whitening gel and work with the Zoom light to break up stains and discolouration on the teeth.


Following the procedure, customers are given a home touch-up kit to keep their new smile lasting longer. The Philips Zoom Whitening treatment goes deeper than at-home kits and lasts significantly longer. It can take you up to eight shades lighter than your original colour.


Verve editors, Jude and Fran, received a complimentary Philips Zoom Whitening Treatment at Greenlane Dental Cosmetic Surgery – the treatment changed their smiles and boosted their confidence. They both found the service professional and luxurious, and wanted to share their experience with readers.

Jude’s Experience

How was your experience at Greenlane Dental Cosmetic Surgery?

When I walked into the Greenlane Dental Cosmetic Surgery, it was such a welcoming experience. I can honestly say everyone I met in this luxurious – but not overstated – surgery gave me the feeling of trust and friendliness. Each person that greeted me was smiling – perhaps because they all had beautiful teeth and felt very confident, because having white teeth does make one feel very confident.


Can you explain the procedure of the Philips Zoom Whitening Treatment?

It started with an appointment with a dental hygienist for a clean. I have to admit, I’ve never been to see a dental hygienist. I always looked after my teeth but, like many, it was always the last on the list of must-do’s because of the expense. The dental hygienist had an incredibly soothing voice which instantly made me feel totally relaxed. She explained very clearly what the procedure was and took me on the journey of scraping, cleaning, and rinsing. She made the experience one that I would love to repeat – it’s recommended you visit a dental hygienist every six months and I think it’s worth every penny!


Then came the whitening treatment which was a very easy treatment to endure.  It happened in three 15-minute slots. At the end of each time slot the hygienist took a look to check all was fine.   I had a very small amount of sensitivity on my drive home but other than that it was very minimal.


Were you happy with the results? Did you notice a change between the before and after?

The result was fantastic! My teeth felt amazing with all the plague taken off and gaps between my teeth. On first look at my teeth, I felt that it looked rather odd to have the gaps – those triangles of gum between each teeth – but then I realised this is how they should look like without plaque! The before and after photos were great to see.  I was also incredibly happy with the change in colour – at least three degrees lighter, whiter and brighter. I kept looking at my teeth in the mirror whilst driving home. So yes very happy with the results.

Fran’s Experience

How did you find the service at Greenlane Dental Cosmetic Surgery?

From start to finish, the service at Greenlane Dental was top notch. Staff went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable and at ease. I enjoyed the novel touch of being able to sit in their super effective massage chair (it even massaged my legs) while filling in pre-treatment forms. Television screens located on the ceiling gave me something to focus on while oral health therapist, Harneet, was busy in my mouth.


This was not the first time I have had a whitening treatment, but without a doubt it’s the best I have experienced. Prior to commencing the Zoom whitening treatment, Harneet performed a thorough check-up of my mouth, and then proceeded to clean and polish my teeth like they had never been cleaned before. She also chatted to me regarding dental concerns that I had, making the odd recommendation here and there. Like the rest of the staff at Greenlane Dental she was professional, cheerful, and a pleasure to be around.


Were you happy with the results? Was there a noticeable difference?

I was thrilled with the results. I am not sure if it is the same for you, but there are certain things about myself that I have never liked, one of them being my teeth… which are a long way from resembling those even, bright white pearlers I long for. After the Philips Zoom Whitening treatment, I noticed that my teeth were two shades whiter. (I believe that Philips Zoom Whitening can get your teeth up to eight whiter but I have had whitening before so we couldn’t go too drastic.) The best thing about this holistic  treatment, is that my smile confidence levels are up too.


Would you recommend visiting Greenlane Dental Cosmetic Surgery? And, do you think you’ll get another Philips Zoom Whitening Treatment?

Absolutely – 100%. I love feeling that I am able to smile unreservedly – no holds barred. So, it’s a yes from me!

If you’re also interested in getting a gorgeous smile for the summer, then you can find your nearest provider at Philipszoom.co.nz. For a limited time, everyone who completes a Philips Zoom Whitening Treatment will receive a free 360PRO Waterflosser, valued at $129.

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