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Pipi Press Launch & Fundraiser

Pipi Press is a new publishing initiative that aims to bring people together and create social change, using books as a meeting point to come together and share knowledge and ideas. Pipi books are inviting material objects that reflect their purpose; their content is both critical and hopeful, encompassing the poetic and political. Pipi Press will hold readings, talks, workshops and reading groups that run alongside publications, where connections can be made face-to-face. Pipi Press is coordinated by Cait Puatama Johnson and Gabi Lardies. 


Cait and Gabi are both known for their self-published books and involvement in the Auckland publishing scene, as well as for their individual writing-based art practices. Submissions are now open for In Common, Pipi’s first book. In Common will be a volume to bring together knowledge, experiences and reflections from different disciplines around the idea of the commons. Submissions are welcome from all, for a rich and multifaceted investigation into the past, present and future of the commons in Aotearoa. In Common is due to be released mid-2019 alongside a series of talks, workshops and reading groups in Tāmaki and Whanganui-a-Tara.


Pipi books are not sold for profit, any money made beyond the cost of producing a book will be put towards future publications or donated to community organisations. 



Contact Gabi and Cait at More information can be found on the website or following social media channels @pipipress.