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Podcast for the Curious

Whether you’re filling in time on your daily commute, trying to distract yourself on a long run, or want to learn but just aren’t that keen on turning the pages of a book, then you wouldn’t be alone if you’ve turned to podcasts to help. It’s definitely the year of the podcast, but with so many out there at the moment it can be hard to know what’s worth your time, and what’s not worth the energy of untangling those earbuds you pulled out of the bottom of your bag. Here are our favourite podcast recommendations:


Girlboss Radio

The original 21st century girlboss, Sophia Amoruso, interviews other rule-breaking women making their mark in the world. From vulnerable stories and tales of struggle, to hilarious anecdotes and eye-opening advice, each episode is filled with the wisdom of women doing their own thing. (Listen Here)


Oh Boy

After the success of the book Man Repeller, comes the podcast Oh Boy. Each week host Jay Buim produces podcasts perfect for any fashionista wanting to increase their design knowledge. In line with the quirky, off-beat, and slightly controversial nature of Man Repeller, the podcast is one for those who don’t just want to follow the trends, but lead them and sometimes even break them. (Listen Here)



Gretchen Rubin is an observer of happiness and human nature, and she wants to share what she’s learnt with the rest of the world. On her podcast she draws from science and personal experiences and infuses this with a touch of humor and clarity to give audiences easy advice to start good health and happiness habits. (Listen Here)


You Can Eat With Us

It seems like dieting is out and intuitive eating is in, but what exactly does it mean to ‘eat intuitively’? Well, Cara Harbstreet is here to help. She’s a registered dietician with a refreshing and lighthearted approach towards breaking down lingering misunderstandings to show audiences that health is possible at every size, and there is a world beyond dieting and food choices. (Listen Here)


The BodyLove Project

Body positivity has become a real buzzword lately, but this podcast wants to go deeper. Hosted by Jessi Haggerty, each week she explores how to love your body at every stage in life. Through interviewing experts and real people, audiences get insight into a range of topics on health, intuitive eating, weight inclusivity, and pop culture. (Listen Here)

The Tip Off 

For those who love to embrace their inner Nancy Drew, The Tip Off is definitely for you. Blending the perfect amount of mystery, action, and crime, this is a podcast that’ll keep you hooked until the last minute every single time. It’s an inner look into the behind scenes workings of investigative journalism – perfect for the curious and the self-confessed nosey. (Listen Here)


The Habitat

For the sci-fi and thriller lovers, Habitat should be your new, can’t wait for the next episode addiction. Each episode follows astronauts on an imitation planet mars simulation for one year. It’s an experiment documenting human resilience, frustrations, and relationships, all in an effort to help NASA understand what a life on Mars could really be like. (Listen Here)


Ctrl Alt Delete

This is one for all the women finding their way in the 21st century workplace. From wellbeing, work life balance, and mental health, to social media, the internet, and feminism, Emma Gannon isn’t afraid to go deep into what it means to be a working woman. She interviews celebrities, mental health professionals, and media personalities to find out what it really means to grow up in the internet generation. (Listen Here)


No Such Things as a Fish

If you’re a fan of the BBC show QI, then add this podcast to your playlist. The brilliant minds behind the show put their brains together to share with audiences the best and most interesting facts they’ve discovered throughout the week. The perfect podcast for expanding your general knowledge (and impressing your friends at dinner parties). (Listen Here)


Words: Georgina Shearsby-Roberts