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Powerhooping is quite literally the funnest way you can get into shape. Using our special Powerhoop Deluxe with its adjustable weights to strengthen your core within only 10 minutes a day.


You can Powerhoop in the comfort of your own home or indeed head off to a Powerhoop class if you are lucky enough to have a class in your area.


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Hoops of fun. Oh my gosh – I haven’t had such a laugh in a long time. The Powerhoop is a unique piece of fitness equipment, and fun for the whole family, for soon as you start using it, everyone will want to join in.


Do you remember hoola hooping as a child? Well the Powerhoop is used in much the same way except it is sturdier, better constructed and comes with additional weights that you can use as your abilities increase. Since I started Powerhooping I have noticed how much stronger my core has become – something I just love.  (I think of core strength acting like natural corset which supports my spine, helps to flatten my tummy area, and helps to prevent back ache – especially important if you are sitting at a desk all day staring at a computer!)


The other good thing about Powerhooping, is that all it requires is ten minutes a day. Ten minutes a day and roll that spare tyre away! Fran



Fitness with a twist –  it can strengthen your core, slim your hips, strengthen your back, flatten your tummy!


I’ve been using my Powerhoop for 2 weeks!  I love it,  it feels so effortless for me to power hoop for 10 minutes.  Definitely takes me back to my childhood when I hoola hooped for hours on end.  It is much easier than using a hula hoop because it has weights in it so definitely makes is easy.  What I love about it is you can do it in your own home – in your garden, in the kitchen, watching t.v.  no need to go to a gym.  I can feel my core is definitely getting stronger.  It will be in my car going to the beach at Christmas time –  that’s how simple it is to carry around.


So happy powerhooping – order yours today –  it will make a great Christmas present! Jude



As a solo, busy working mum of 2, trying to fit in regular exercise can often prove close to impossible. I was never able to find the time to get to the gym, or take a class, and constantly felt guilty for not being more active.


I was so excited when I heard about the POWERHOOP, a unique piece of fitness equipment, that sounded like so much fun ! I had to try it for myself… The beauty of the POWERHOOP is that not only is there the fun factor, but it is FAST ! 10 minutes is all it takes, to really feel like you’ve had a workout, and all in the comfort of your own home ! It is easy to use, and really targets the core area. It also helps improves posture and strengthens your back – both things I need to work on !! It really is such an effective piece of equipment, that I am thrilled to have found. So much fun for the whole family.


Give it a go – you’ll love it ! Nicola



My family & I love it. We have a great time laughing and don’t even realize we are exercising. We also have competitions on who can do it the longest. It is fun & would recommend. – Zanalee



Amy Before and After Powerhoop



Includes: Four adjustable weights, instructional DVDs, 12-day hooping challenge


What can POWERHOOP do for you?

TRIM your waist

FLATTEN your tummy

STRENGTHEN your back

SLIM your hips

STRENGTHEN your core


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