The Case for PreBuilt

The Swedish are known for the unforgettable ABBA, meatballs (in a cream, not tomato sauce) and also for their interior styling — that effortless simplicity that has been slavishly stolen and copied as ‘Scandi style’. But did you know they are world leaders in offsite home construction? Prefabrication may not have caught on (yet) in New Zealand, but in Sweden it accounts for 84% of homes built.


At Box™, we believe those savvy Swedes have cracked the code of creating high-quality, high-speed buildings. After embarking on a fact-finding mission to Scandinavia, we’ve set up our own factory in Henderson with the aim of constructing homes smarter and faster.


But never fear. We still plan to keep our commitment to modernist-style form and function that has won us a number of architectural design awards over almost a decade in the business. Our clients can still personalise their plans to live their spatial and stylistic dreams. And, when the situation calls for it, for example on a steep or inaccessible section, we’ll naturally build on site.


It’s an exciting transition to off-site construction and we intend to build 50% of our houses under cover by the end of the year. So whether you need a design-and-build team for your first home, an extra sleepout or studio space in the backyard, or a holiday retreat that has all hallmarks of the great Kiwi summer escape, think about Box™.


We craft houses with care and we’re reshaping the way architecture is done — for the better.


box — 0800 717 717 — box.co.nz