Credit Checks For Prospective Tenants


Choosing a right tenant for your valuable rental property is so important, but not so easy. You ask all the right questions and of course the last landlord is the best reference you can get, but some tenants do not have a last landlord, they may have lived with family.


Prospective tenants present themselves well to the landlord, say all the right reasons as to why they want the property, and convince them they would be an ideal fit. But make the wrong decision and you will rue the day you let them move in.


This is where the credit check becomes very important. Property managers have access to this valuable information — and it is a necessary tool for us. It will tell us if there are any police convictions, tribunal rulings, bankruptcy or outstanding debts. Just the information we require to assist us in choosing the correct tenant.


Just this week we had a prospective tenant apply for a property of ours, she was well-presented and drove a nice car. She seemed ideal, but we ran a credit check to discover that she had been involved in a serious police incident.


There are not many checks as bad as that, but the credit check enables us to make sure we don’t place unsuitable tenants into our properties outstanding debt and tenancy orders is the most useful information we require. It’s so easy to place a tenant in a property, but so difficult to get them out. Trust me, the procedure takes time and is unpleasant. Especially if you must eventually evict them from the premises, or require police assistance.


Employing a property manager with their skills and knowledge and access to information is beneficial to landlords, saving money, and, most importantly, stress.

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