Q&A with Miss Poppins

A role reversal led to a conscious decision by Shannon Ellison six years ago to help improve the lives of working Mums and families.


Once a nanny and then a client, she had seen it all.


“When I used a nanny agency, it was really impersonal. I thought this is such an awesome opportunity to do things better by focussing more on working with the family’s needs as opposed to just rolling in the dollars.”


Miss Poppins, her boutique nanny and babysitting agency was born in 2010 and for those that know her and Miss Poppins – they’re a God send.


“I’ve always been a working Mum. I’ve got two boys myself” she says.


You don’t need to look far to see that Shannon understands the pressures of her clients as she juggles the interview with a flurry of phone requests that were quickly dealt with professional aplomb.


“I am passionate about what I’m doing. When our clients are looking for a nanny, we go the extra mile and keep hunting until we find the absolute right person who ticks all the boxes.”


This immaculately dressed horse lover originally from Nga Tawa Diocesan School has created a thriving business with a significant proportion of corporate clients supported by 200 nannies on her books.


“I assist a lot of locals in Herne Bay, Grey Lynn, and Ponsonby through to Whangaparaoa. A lot are CFOs or corporate women in a man’s world.”


Shannon empathises. She sees how busy, demanding and the sacrifices that her clients make to be in and retain their positions.


“I see a lot of that obviously, the hours that they’re working, the demands of career versus family – it must be mighty tough.”


Miss Poppins offers a temporary, part-time full-time nanny service. It has working relationships with exclusive travel agents and luxury lodges such as Huka Lodge and Eagles Nest.


“When we have international high net worth clients land in the country, our nannies have had the opportunity to fly down by helicopter to look after their families. Nannies have stayed at the Hilton for a week and flown all over with them – so there’s that glamour side to it.”


Handling one-off onsite childcare needs to support corporate events, private birthday parties and work Christmas functions is another service offered by Miss Poppins.


And the inspiration behind name of her business?


“When anyone thinks of Miss Poppins they think about childcare – a bubbly, caring, gorgeous lady that everybody loved.” Suffice to say Shannon and her qualified team embody just that.


09 533 6158 | 027 211 3986