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Why come to Servilles? Because we know your hair best! If you are wanting an experienced and skilled approach on your hair, look no further.


Do you encourage clients to bring a photo of a haircut they love? Yes, it gives our stylists a chance to visualise and personalise a haircut just for you.


Each time I come can I request the same hairdresser? Can I request a senior stylist? Yes. Most of our clients have built a relationship with their preferred stylist. You can absolutely request a senior stylist.


Do you have a special for blow dry rate?  We offer an Express Service menu which includes a blow waves at a discounted price.


I have definite ideas on my hair colour, do Servilles hairdressers mind if their clients let them know this?  Our stylists at our Newmarket salon appreciate a client who knows what they want – our aim is to help you get the colour and look you desire.


Do Servilles offer a consultation to new clients?  Every service we offer comes with a complimentary consultation. Please feel free to call us today to book in your consultation.



What product do Servilles’ use? The beautiful Italian brand Davines, which prides itself on its sustainable approach to its contents and packaging.


Can you let our readers know of the latest trend happening in hair colouring?  Our stylists are enjoying customising hair contouring colours to suit each client. We are also having fun playing with coppers, deep rich browns adding gloss and shine for the Autumn season.


Hairdressers seem to have very good people skills – this must be something that is very important when employing hairdressers to work at Servilles?  Here at Servilles Newmarket we believe in going on a journey with our clients, so it doesn’t just end up being a service, but an experience that our clients enjoy going on.


The team at Verve have all expressed that they adore a head massage at the hairdresser – do you think Servilles would consider offering “another 5 minute” head massage and they charge the client for this? Perhaps another $10.00?  We do offer deluxe treatments that include a longer head massage and are catered to your specific hair type. These treatments range from $10 -$45.


One of our team at Verve had a blow dry at Servilles, Newmarket two weeks ago — the service was impeccable, coffee, tea, cold drink was offered, the hairdresser consulted with her about the style she wished him to pursue — he understood and did an amazing blow dry.


I am sure it is encouraged for all clients to tell hairdressers exactly what they wish them to achieve? Not necessarily. If you have an idea of what you would like our stylist will work with you to achieve a look that best suits the occasion, face shape and personal style.
1 Short St, Newmarket / 09 522 2544 / @Servilleshair