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Quickfire Questions: Kris Lal

We sat down with social media expert, Kris Lal, featured in our latest issue for some quick fire questions.

Q. Out of all the social media platforms, Which do you think is the most effective for small business owners?

Historically, I would say Facebook is the best medium for SMEs wanting to delve into social media. The ready made capabilities (sharing content, messaging, liking, link sharing etc) are great, coupled with Facebook Ads and targeting. It’s a great way to get to relevant customers quickly. 

However, the future is certainly pointed towards Instagram, Snapchat and beyond in my opinion. Instagram is working hard at keeping their platform user centric. Ads are less intrusive and it’s super easy for businesses to navigate and post content. In my opinion, brands can be slightly more eccentric, personal and creative on Instagram. We all know we’re being sold to or propositioned as consumers online. It’s about how tactful and tasteful you are whilst doing it. 

Q. Are there any common misconceptions around marketing online that you find people have?

That it’s difficult or expensive. It really isn’t. What I love about our business is that we will advise clients based on their particular budget, goals and desired campaign deliverables. Also businesses can achieve a lot by themselves with a little bit of research and know how. It’s totally worth it. 

Q. What’s your favourite part of your job?

It’s all about the people for me – brands/businesses, influencers, agencies and content creators. They’re all game changers and it’s such a pleasure to provide a service within their field. Secondly it’s the creative aspect. As an influencer myself, it’s a business where I’ve been able to see both sides of the spectrum and provide the best result for my clients. We want businesses to do well, we want influencers to succeed, we want our audiences to be engaged from the campaigns we present. When all the above happens, I know I’m in the right business for sure. 

Interested in becoming an online superstar? Kris can help grow your online presence. Get in touch via or follow his instagram here