Keeping Your Rental Property In Good Shape

There is already a lot going on for residential property investors when it comes to maintaining their properties to an acceptable standard, and there are big changes coming. 

From 1 July, 2019 all rental properties are required under legislation to have ceiling and underfloor heating, with EECA, the government agency responsible for energy efficiency and conservation, being tasked to promote the government’s Healthy Homes programme.  As investors who own rental properties need to stay up to date with their legal obligations, EECA’s websites are definitely worth reading. Check out: eeca.govt.nz and energywise.govt.nz

Setting up your rental property in advance of this increasing compliance focus gives a strong foundation for not just keeping it in good shape, but also in protecting those who live in it, as well protecting you as their landlord. There will always be a cost to do this, but the cost can be much greater if it is ignored.


There are obvious day-to-day things that are front of mind when it comes to a healthy home including:

  Keeping your home warm and dry

  Saving on power bills, etc

However, there are less obvious aspects that can be overlooked, especially after a property has been rented for some time, and no-one wants to wake up to the news that their property has been the cause of a tragedy.


Here at Quinovic Parnell and Quinovic Viaduct, we take our responsibilities to look after our tenants very seriously, and this includes having robust systems in place to make sure on-going maintenance of appliances is taken care of.  For example:

  Electrical and gas work is properly certified

  Appliances are serviced regularly

  Heat pumps are cleaned regularly

  Chimneys are checked and swept regularly

  Smoke alarms are checked and serviced

Insulation meets the required standards


As well as the primary focus being the safety of tenants and their families, our maintenance programmes reduce the risk for landlords, including where there are any insurance claims,
that these are approved.

For more advice or information about our residential property management services, please feel free to contact us.


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