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Review: Katy Perry Witness Tour

Katy Perry wrapped her eye popping Witness Tour in Auckland on Tuesday night, and the US pop sensation definitely did not disappoint.

The second of her two Auckland shows, Tuesday marked the grand finale of Perry’s worldwide tour. A sensational sensory overload from the very first song, Katy dropped in from the ceiling while perched upon a floating star. A whirlwind of colour, theatrics, circus performers and the quirkiness that Perry has become known for soon followed.

For many, this was their first concert – an audience mostly made up of young children, proudly sporting rainbow wigs and glow-in-the-dark cat ears, accompanied by their parents. They appeared mesmerized as giant puppets graced the stage, and awestruck by Perry’s blindingly bright costumes, cheeky choreography, cascading confetti and inflatable stage sculptures. At one point, the ‘California Girl’ even took flight on a floating planet that drifted around the arena, before landing on a platform in the centre of the crowd. She then helped two lucky super fans with an onstage proposal that melted hearts.

The hits came hard and fast as the singer launched into fan favourites “Teenage Dream”, “Last Friday Night”, “Roar” and a handful of lesser-known but still catchy tracks from her latest release.

This was her 115th show, but fatigue in the starlet was nowhere to be seen. Less than 24 hours prior, her whole crew had bungie jumped off Auckland Harbour bridge, and Perry was also spotted shopping at Sylvia Park earlier in the day. Her New Zealand highlights? Meat pies and ice cream, to which she insisted “someone needs to bring that hokey pokey business to America”.

The 90 minute set closed with Katy’s hits “Swish Swish” and “Firework”. After diving through a human-sized basketball hoop and then taking flight once again over the arena. Perry thanked her band and dancers, stating that she was feeling ‘resilient’ ending the near year-long tour, and that she was looking forward to returning to the Californian summer.

A final costume change later, she landed cradled in a giant inflatable hand while fireworks erupted from the front of the stage. It’s clear to say, Witness The Tour ended with a bang.