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Welcome to Rudy’s Tips ‘n Tricks

In this issue I want to share with you the tools I use to keep my systems clean and what I use when infected computers are brought to me.


I see a lot of computers full of tool-kits that claim faster speeds and various promises that really amount to nothing and many are in fact portals for nefarious software to infiltrate your computer.


Firstly, backup! (Yes I know I go on about this but seriously, do it now.)


Secondly: Anti-virus and internet security.


I use ESET Smart Security. This is a fantastic product and I rely on it for all my systems and also provide it to my customers. You can also download it yourself at It is my first line of defence and my primary tool for cleaning up other systems.


Thirdly, I use Malwarebytes. This program is brilliant at removing threats and programs that allow other more dangerous software access through links that are not direct attacks. There is a free version which is easily activated. When it is installed you get a 14-day free trial of the pro version by default. Scan and remove PUPs (possibly unwanted programs):


Next, to keep systems clean and also to tidy up after virus removal I always use C-Cleaner:


Use the cleaner and the registry cleaner, but do backup the registry (it asks you to do that) just in case something goes wrong.


I suggest you use this regularly as it keeps computers clean of trash files.


And there you have it, four easy steps to safe and relatively trouble-free computers.


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