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Water spill out of water glass and sloppy on wood table

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What do you do if you have dropped your phone in liquid or spilled a drink over your laptop?

Most people have heard about putting your wet phone in a bag with rice, but does it work? It does help to dry out the phone but it’s not the full story. Yes, your phone may recover and work, however what is likely to happen is that in the next few days and weeks it may start developing odd faults and then cease to work entirely. Drying out your device is only part of the solution. What happens is the wet but now dry components start to corrode and create tracks for electricity to flow between components where there should be no connection. This can happen with just being made wet by clean water. If you spill tea, coffee, orange juice or fizzy drinks on your laptop or phone the corrosive damage can be much worse.


With laptops there is always a good chance to recover your data from the hard drive if the device failed beyond repair, but now with the evolution of ultra-thin laptops like MS Surface pro, the hard drive is actually an IC chip soldered onto the motherboard. An MS Surface that has been badly water damaged will need to be destroyed to access the interior so an attempt to remove the chips can be made.


So, if you have liquid damaged your device and find it still goes, I suggest you speak to me quickly, so I can clean it safely to help prevent further corrosion.


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