Sara Langdon | Standing Ground | Parnell Gallery

Preview: Tuesday 14 May 5.30pm
Exhibition: 14—28 May 2019


Auckland-based contemporary landscape artist, Sara Langdon, draws inspiration from the volcanic forms around her. With an understated and fresh approach to landscape realism, she invites the viewer to contemplate the mountains themselves, rather than the expected views from the summit.

A graceful dance of shadow and light is built out of Sara’s extreme attention to detail. Working with fine acrylic on board, her compositions frame each mountain, each subject almost as if it were a portrait, or the protagonist in a novel. 

In her first solo exhibition with Parnell Gallery, Sara’s latest body of work has evolved to further include evidence of inhabitancy in the landscape. Meticulously rendered historic villas on a mountainside or an iconic breakwater place us in the here and now against our ancient volcanic giants. Sara comments, “My work is not just a replication of the landscape, but a response to the beauty I see there.”


Standing Ground will be on display at Parnell Gallery from 14-28 May.


Right, top-bottom: ‘Light Breaks Through’ (North Head), acrylic on board, 800 x 800mm
Detail of ‘City on a Hill’ (Mt Hobson)
‘City on a Hill’ (Mt Hobson), acrylic on board, 800 x 600mm
‘The Ground We’re Standing On’ (One Tree Hill), acrylic on board, 700 x 500mm
‘Rest in the Shadow’ (Browns Island), acrylic on board, 1000 x 700mm


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