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Say Goodbye to Pigmentation, Dark Circles and Uneven Skin Tone – In Your Lunch Break!

Pico Genesis is a new breakthrough cosmetic treatment by pioneering laser company CUTERA, 2-in-1 laser procedure that targets pigmentation providing a dramatic reduction in facial pigmentation and an increase in uniformity in skin tone. And as many studies have shown, unwanted pigmentation really stacks on the years in terms of perceived age.


Why it works and what’s different with PICO Genesis?

You have probably heard the term PICO when referring to laser treatments; it’s the newest and fastest laser energy available for cosmetic treatments and offers some real benefits to a wide range of skin types that really couldn’t be treated before. The unique feature of the PICO Genesis is its ability to provide ultra-short laser pulses, which are 100 times shorter than the nano laser you have probably been treated with before. These ultra-short laser pulses deliver a photo-mechanical shockwave, not thermal energy, that not only shatters the pigment but stimulates remodelling in the upper layers of the skin to safely achieve dramatic improvements with fewer treatments. This means results in few treatments and treatment possibility for darker skins.


What to expect from a PICO Genesis Treatment

  • Treatments take roughly 20 minutes from start to finish
  • No preparation, no down-time
  • Pain-free



When will I see results?

Patients have reported dramatic improvements in skin clarity and reduction in pigmentation in 2-3 treatments.


Who can be treated with PICO Genesis?

The good news is, PICO Genesis is designed for ALL skin types — even darker and Asian skin tones which have proven hard to treat with other lasers due to higher risk of post inflammatory responses including hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, or rebound pigmentation post-treatment.


PICO Genesis is highly recommended for those who are just starting to show the signs of ageing or pigmentation as well as those who suffer from significant pigmentation. This new technology has been designed to give clients who have experienced negative or unsatisfactory results from inferior lasers, the results they truly desire.



The local experts in PICO Genesis

In New Zealand a couple of forward–thinking practices have invested in this new cosmetic technology.



Dr Nick Birchall is a highly experienced dermatologist and founder of Auckland Dermatology, the first clinic to introduce a pico nano laser to NZ. Dr Birchall lectures on the use of this new treatment to other doctors throughout Australasia. Dr Birchall completed his dermatology training at Yale University and has a special interest is the treatment of paediatric and adolescent skin problems.


The laser practitioner at the practice is Susan Smith. She has been achieving great results with PICO Genesis and says ‘this technology is our new go-to laser for pigmentation and skin revitalisation. Our patients are seeing great improvements in their skin quality and, as a result, an improvement in self confidence.’ / 524 9915



You can also find PICO Genesis at Naked Laser Studio, which was established in Auckland late in 2017. Naked Laser Studio only employs Registered Nurses who are experienced in laser therapy and have a combined history of 20 years experience of cosmetic laser treatments.


Kelly the founder says ‘This technology allows us to treat darker skins for pigmentation issues for the first time. It uses photo acoustic energy as opposed to photo thermal energy which in the past caused more issues for darker skin types. As this system is more powerful and diverse than anything else currently on the market it has a far superior rate of success with removal of pigmentation as well as colour tattoos in fewer treatments.’  / 217 3695


For more information:

CUTERA / / 0800 451 337