School Holiday Fun

Don’t be bored this holidays, take the kids along to these fun events that cost little to no money.


  • Bowling
    Everyone loves bowling, whether it be the jazzy lights or the fun in knocking down all the pins.



  • Make a movie with your camera or smart phone
    Nothing beats recreating your favourite blockbuster film or let your imagination run wild.


  • Have a scavenger hunt.
    Hide items in your house or yard, then give the kids a list of the items and see who can find them the fastest.


  • Build a fort.
    If you don’t have a big box, build a fort with sheets and blankets instead. Snuggle up to your favourite films and tv shows. Or make a cardboard box house and let the kids decorate it with paint or markers.


  • Play charades.
    My family played this when I was a teen, and we’d try to come up with impossibly difficult things to act out.


  • Make instruments.
    Rainsticks are easy to assemble by filling a paper-towel tube with rice and crumpled wiring (or something to make the rice move slower) and covering the ends with paper and tape.


  • Learn a language.
    Apps such as Duolingo is a great way to learn a language that is fun and the whole family can join in.




  • Stargazing
    Look at the stars through a telescope or head along to the Star Dome and learn about the wonders of space. Star Dome also have a holiday special, Volcanoes in Space. It takes a look at rare eruptions beneath Earth and how it would effect outter space.